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■About “Sailor Ink Pen”

Development of ink that goes into pen-shaped containers instead of ink bottles and ink cartridgesFrom the desire to have more people enjoy fountain pen bottle ink “Ink Kobo,” we thought of a form of ink that “can be written without using a fountain pen or dip pen” and that can be carried in a smaller amount than a bottle. It has a marker-shaped body and a two-headed pen with a fude type and a fine print type.

A story created by color combinations

The fun of choosing and the fun of finding and creating.

The fountain pen bottle ink “Ink Kobo”, which has a lineup of more than 100 colors, is a color that we can deliver with confidence newly formulated from the achievements of the in-store event “Ink Kobo”. The combination of these three colors created a new color story. The three color themes on the package can be rewritten by the customer and the user. Depending on the story of each person who uses it, it has the potential to expand the joy of color.

– Color lineup

Following the first “Shiokaze no Kana” and “Sunset Tune” released in December 2022, and the second “Shio no Kaze” and “Transition Incense” released in March 2023, this third installment has two nights as the theme. I imagined the coast where the gentle sound of the waves can be heard repeatedly in the dim light, and a quiet time to heal the ship passes. Whether it is 3 or 6 colors, it will be a color scheme that is easy to harmonize.


You can draw your favorite patterns and illustrations in the writing space of the medium mount paper to make an original package.

It is also perfect for writing messages and gifts.

【Product Specifications】

Name: Sailor ink pen 3 colors set White waves at midnight, sandy beach late at night

Suggested retail price: 990 yen (excl. 900 yen)

Ink: Water-based dye

Character width: brush (brush), fine print (round core)

Lid, shaft, small lid, base: PP recycled resin

Lid plug: PC plastic

Body size: φ14×153mm, 9.5g

Package:Paper box

Size: 42×20×163mm (not including header 20mm), 46.0g

【Inquiries regarding product handling】

User Services : 0120-191-167 (toll-free)

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