RIMMEL Japan limited local brand ambassador features artist, model, and actress Natsuko Fujii. “Wonder Sweet Eyeshadow” and new lip will be released on Friday, August 25, 2023! |Press release of Coty Japan LLC

Coty Japan G.K. (Executive Officer & President: Shosaku Yamamori) has renewed its representative eyeshadow palette “Rimmel Chocolate Sweet Eyes” from the cosmetics brand “RIMMEL LONDON” and released “Wonder Sweet Eyeshadow” and a new lip “Lasting Finish Creamy Moist Lipstick” on Friday, August 25, 2023. It will be released to.

The “Chocolat” series is characterized by a chocolate-like color that melts into the skin.

It suits anyone and any look, and while keeping the brown color, we added a richer sheen. In addition, the durability is improved, and the freshly applied color is long-lasting.

Japan will appoint artist, model, and actress Natsuko Fujii as a local brand ambassador limited to the public, and will develop advertising promotions as needed. Natsuko Fujii, who is expanding her activities to include modeling, actress, and directing with a focus on her artist activities, is the perfect brand ambassador who embodies Rimmel’s brand concept of freedom, active, and creative.

With Wonder Sweet Eyeshadow, enjoy a “cunningly sweet” and attractive eye finish.

The popular “Rimmel Chocolate Sweet Eyes” has been renewed.

Just by layering five colors in order, you can create a transparent three-dimensional eye.

Freshly applied color and gloss continue, upgraded to a formula that is hard to remove!

【Product Summary】

Product name: Wonder Sweet Eyeshadow
Release date: Friday, August 25, 2023
Color: 5 colors in total
Price: 1,760 yen each (tax included)

【Product Features】

● 8 hours*1 does not fall! Freshly applied color and sparkle

A unique long lasting formula that continues to produce beautiful color and sparkle freshly made.

● Delicate & luxurious gloss MIX

While maintaining the delicate and elegant luster, it adds a luxurious sparkle (glitter color) that shines richly.

● Moist and soft touch, tight adhesion

Moist and soft texture powder containing Mellow Fit Oil*2.

It adheres tightly to the eyelids and continues to have a good finish!

● No failure! 5 colors of chocolate brown grade

By layering a delicate luster with a sense of transparency, a clear and natural shine gradation is created.

【How to use】

1. A, B, C, in that order, with your finger or tip (large),

Create a gradation from under the eyebrows to around the eyes.

2. Draw a line with a small chip on the edge of the eye.

3. E with your finger or tip (small), in the middle of the upper eyelid or

It adds a glossy feeling to the top of the eyes.

*1 According to Rimmel research. There are individual differences in the longest case. 

*2 Diisostearyl malate (moisturizing ingredient)

With the blessing of honey*1, lips are moist and shiny #濃蜜リップが新登場!

Contains honey-derived ingredients*1 for a creamy coating feel. It makes lips moist and moisturized like a lip balm.

It is pure with a ruddy feeling that gradually develops color from the inside*3 color, but it makes your lips sexy!

【Product Summary】

Product name: Lasting Finish Creamy Moist Lipstick
Release date: Friday, August 25, 2023
Color: 6 colors in total
Price: 1,430 yen each (tax included)

【Product Features】

● With the blessings of honey*1, moisturize like lip balm!

● Meltingly creamy coating

Soft creamy texture for a plump and voluminous finish

● 8 hours*2 Freshly applied color and gloss continue!

Unique long lasting formula with freshly applied beautiful color and gloss

● Natural ruddy color*3, pure but sexy lips

Easy-to-use natural color lineup for lips with a ruddy feeling*3

【How to use】

Extend about 5mm and apply to the lips.

*1 Royal jelly extract and honey extract (both moisturizing ingredients)

*2 According to Rimmel research. There are individual differences in the longest case.

*3 Makeup effect

【Product Release Regarding this Matter】


【Product drawing related to this matter】

* The released images can be downloaded until Friday, October 20, 2023.

【Rimmel official website】

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