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Announcement date:2023/07/20

A fountain pen with a veil of color. Transparent acrylic cutting material makes both the inside and outside attractive.

“VEILIO” fountain pen 2nd

Limited quantity release on Saturday, October 28

Sailor Fountain Pen (President: Katsuya Machi, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will release a limited number of “VEILIO” fountain pens at Sailor fountain pen dealers nationwide from October 28, 2023.

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■ “VEILIO Fountain Pen”

A fountain pen using domestic acrylic cutting material with a transparent base.

The marble pattern flowing through the acrylic is like a veil that covers the tip of the fountain pen, which is the “face” of the fountain pen.

Because it is a transparent base, it is possible to tailor both the inside and the outside.

The second “VEILIO” that combines veil and color (iro) is born.

◆What is acrylic cutting material?

The way ink and internal parts can be glimpsed through the marble-colored gaps flowing through the transparency is pure and glossy.

Ordinary cutting materials are machined into a product shape and then polished and polished cleanly on the outer surface, but it is difficult to polish and finish the inner surface, and until now, it was not possible to remove noticeable cutting marks with transparent materials.

This product has undergone a processing process using a special blade and carefully machined one by one to achieve a smooth finish on the inner surface. It is a tailoring that fascinates both the inside and the outside.

In addition, due to the characteristics of acrylic cutting materials, each pattern is different. Please enjoy the one-of-a-kind pattern.

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