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【Press Release】Announcement date: November 22, 2023

Reproduce the color of the ink workshop! A new form of ink in a pen

“Sailor Ink Pen 3 Color Set” Vol. 5

December 2 (Sat) Limited quantity release nationwide

Sailor Fountain Pen (President: Katsuya Machi, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will release the fifth edition of the “Sailor Ink Pen 3-Color Set” in limited quantities at Sailor Fountain Pen retailers nationwide from Saturday, December 2, 2023.

About “Sailor Ink Pen”

○ Development of ink that goes into a pen-shaped container instead of an ink bottle or ink cartridge

With the idea that “I want more people and various people to enjoy the fountain pen bottle ink “Ink Kobo”, I thought of a form of ink that can be written without using a fountain pen or a dip pen and can be carried around in a smaller amount than a bottle. It has a marker-shaped body and a pen tip of a double-headed pen of the fude type and fine type.

* For reference images, please refer to the attached related materials.

◇ A story created by the combination of colors

The fun of choosing and the fun of finding and creating.

With a lineup of more than 100 colors, the fountain pen bottle ink “Ink Kobo” is a color that we are proud to deliver, newly toned based on the results of the in-store event “Ink Kobo”. By combining three of these colors, a new color story was created. The three-color theme on the package is a specification that can be rewritten by the customer or the user. Depending on the story of each user, it has the potential to expand the enjoyment of color.

* Please refer to the attached release below.

Please refer to the “Related Materials” in the text of the release from this URL.

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