“Sakai” × “Nike” and Dapper Dan’s harem love “Gap” collaboration!  7 fashion items to be released next week[12/4-12/10]- WWDJAPAN

Pick up fashion item release information from the perspective of “WWDJAPAN”! This time, we will introduce the items that will be released from December 4th to 10th. This collaboration between “Sakai” and “Nike” is a rugged-looking “Magmasscape” inspired by “Air Magma”. The design is a combination of hiking boots and 90s running shoes, and it looks like it will work well outdoors. “Gap” is the second collaboration with Harlem-based Dapper Dan, which was well received last time. It is a collection full of local love, with pre-sales at stores in the Harlem area of New York and a one-minute video featuring a love letter to Harlem.

[Released on December 6]

Collaborating again with Dapper Dan

“Gap” and Dapper Dan’s collaboration collection

In collaboration with Harlem-based fashion designer Dapper Dan, USA, the company will release the “DAP GAP Collection”. The lineup includes a total of 18 items, including a graphic hoodie with the “Harlem” and “DAP” logos, houndstooth logo sweatpants that can be set up, a tote bag with a clutch bag, a baseball hat, and a logo scarf

■ Product Details

“Gap” and Dapper Dan collaboration collection (1,490 to 16,900 yen)

[Released on December 6]

Shoes in collaboration with “Nike” are released

“Sakai” and “Nike” collaboration shoes (29,700 yen each)

The “Magmasscape” collaboration with “Nike” features a design that combines 1980s hiking boots with 90s running shoes, and the suede panels, round laces, and sturdy outsole are inspired by Nike’s “Air Magma” shoe. Available in three colors, black × black are Japan limited colors.

■ Product Details

“Sacai” and “Nike” collaboration shoe “Magmasscape” (29,700 yen)

[Pre-sale on December 6th]
Beautiful People

Watch in collaboration with “G-SHOCK” is released

“Beautiful People” and “G-SHOCK” collaboration watch (33,000 yen)

The collaboration watch with Casio Computer’s “G-SHOCK” is inspired by the “Beautiful People” Fall/Winter 2019-20 collection “skin” with the theme of the human body, and each small part has a different brown color. It will go on sale at the Isetan Shinjuku main store of “Beautiful People” on December 6, and will be on sale at “Beautiful People” stores and some directly managed Casio stores from December 9.

■ Product Details

“Beautiful People” and “G-SHOCK” collaboration watch (33,000 yen)

[Released on December 8]
New Balance

Released collaboration shoes “991v2” with “Pata”

“New Balance” and “Pata” collaboration shoe “991v2” (41,800 yen)

The collaboration shoe with the Dutch street brand “PATTA” is composed mainly of gray mesh fabric and dark purple leather with a rubberized upper. Along with the laces, a part of the sole is neon yellow to visualize the functionality of the “fuel cell” and “absorb SBS”.

■ Product Details

Collaboration shoes “991v2” (41,800 yen)

[Released on December 8]
Seiko 5 Sport

Skater Yuto Horigome’s third limited edition model is on sale

“Seiko 5 Sports” Yuto Horigome Limited Edition Watch (73,700 yen)

The bezel display board, which expresses navy and purple in metallic tones, was designed based on the sunset view seen from the skateboard park in downtown Tokyo, where Horigome spent his time practicing skateboarding for the world. The back cover is decorated with the words “LIMITED EDITION”, which is a proof of the limited model, the serial number, and Horigome’s signature.

■ Product Details

Yuto Horigome limited edition model watch (73,700 yen)

[Pre-sale on December 8th]

Collaboration with “Blue Blue Japan” that dyes indigo

Collaboration item between “Puma” and “Blue Blue Japan”

The collaboration items with Seirin’s original brand “BLUE BLUE JAPAN” centered on indigo dyeing will sell shoes with “tie-dye” lining and laces, which represents “Blue Blue Japan”, and clothing summarized in the brand’s color “JAPAN Blue”.

■ Product Details

Shoes “Clyde Blue Blue Japan MIJ” (46,200 yen)
Shoes “Army Trainer Blue Blue Japan” (38,500 yen)
Jacket (58,300 yen)
Best (55,000 yen)
Pants (55,000 yen)
Dress (52,800 yen)
Woven shirt (49,500 yen)
Padet jacket (60,500 yen)

[Released on December 9]

4 types of mini bags with a tartan pattern

Porter’s “Howl Tartan” collection

The brand will release a special collection of “Howl” series “HOWL TARTAN” that is a miniature size of the brand’s popular items. A total of four types of bags are available, and the main material is a tartan check, a traditional Scottish plaid pattern, and finished in bright colors such as red and yellow.

■ Product Details

“Shoulder Bag Mini” (36,300 yen)
“Helmet Bag Mini” (33,000 yen)
“Boston Bag Mini” (33,000 yen)
“Bonsak Mini” (35,200 yen)

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