“Sakura” watch in collaboration with Daizo Makihara, an independent watchmaker certified as the third Japanese watch–IGNITE

I want to give a Japanese-style wristwatch that feels “Japanese” to an important person.

A collaboration between D2C watch maker pioneer Maker’s Watch Knot and Daizo Makihara, who became the third Japanese independent watchmaker academy member, has finally been realized with a work that incorporates the technique and image of “Japanese”. We have started accepting applications at Crowdfunding Makuake.

Japan limited edition watch

Daizo Makihara, one of the best watch engineers

An “independent watchmaker” is the highest-class watchmaker who does not belong to a specific manufacturer and creates original works from scratch with his own ideas and high technology. Works that are manufactured over months or years can be valued at hundreds of millions of yen.

The Swiss-based AHCI “Academy of Independent Watchmakers” has less than 40 members worldwide. Daizo Makihara was the third Japanese to be certified as one of the world’s best watch technicians.

Two types of watches with the motif of “Sakura”, which Mr. Daizo Makihara engraves himself.

The biggest feature of this model is that Mr. Makihara engraved each one.

Two types of open heart designs are available, one is “Fuou”, which reminds us of the image of cherry blossoms floating in the river, and the other is “Rinou”, which is a round window. did.

Zaratsu polishing case by skilled craftsmen

The main body case made by “Hayashi Seiki Manufacturing”, which has a history of more than 100 years, which is the only one in Japan. Zaratsu polishing, which requires a very high level of skill, is a technology that can only be achieved by “Hayashi Seiki Manufacturing”.

Cherry blossom petals emerging in the see-through back

Like the dial, the cherry blossom motif is studded on the sapphire glass on the back cover. From the see-through back, you can see the high-beat movement made in Japan that vibrates 28,800 vibrations per hour. In addition, a serial number unique to the limited model is included.

A set of rare crocodile straps that you can choose from 4 colors

For the strap, we will deliver the crocodile leather strap, the king of exotic leather, which is suitable for a special wristwatch that will live with you for a lifetime, as a special set exclusively for Makuake.

Enjoy customization

This special model can be replaced with a Knot strap. Enjoy coordinating your watch to match the coordination of the day. You can try custom at the online shop as well as the custom experience at the gallery shop.

Initial engraving is also possible as an option

This time, we have prepared an additional option for initial engraving exclusively for Makuake. Initials can be engraved on the side of the case and between the lugs (plus 5,500 yen).

The biggest attraction of Daizo Makihara’s work is the delicate “metal engraving” and “Edo Kiriko” that have a “Japanese” taste. This model also expresses Makihara’s world view with Makihara’s engraving and needles designed in the image of Edo Kiriko.

The list price is ¥ 268,180. Currently, Makuake sells it at a limited price. Make a rarely designed wristwatch a gift.

Makuake project page: https://www.makuake.com/project/knot04/
Daizo Makihara: https://www.daizohmakihara.jp/

(Masa Tahara)

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