Samsonite’s popular series “Minter” now features a stylish design limited edition model in Japan|Pen Online

“Minter” with a design that you can love for a long time without getting tired. The new Japan limited edition model is available in four sizes: 55cm, 61cm, 69cm, and 75cm. From left to right: “Spinner 55” ¥61,600, “Spinner 69 EXP” ¥68,200 / Samsonite Japan

Founded in 1910, Samsonite is based on a trunk manufacturing company that gained popularity in Denver, Colorado, USA. He has created a number of masterpieces over time, such as “Classic Attaché” and “Cosmolite”, and is currently developing a variety of lines depending on the scene and application. Among them, the “Minter” series, which has a sophisticated form and high functionality, and is popular with well-traveled travelers, will release the Japan limited edition model “Silver” from July 1.

The exterior has a chic style with shades by fusing the metallic textured shell design with dark-toned metal parts. The interior, which is designed in pale gray fabric to match the exterior, is equipped with dividers on both sides to prevent the load from collapsing, just like the standard model. The words “JAPAN LIMITED” are engraved on the luggage tag that comes with this time, and the same label is also designed on the pale gray interior that matches the color of the outside.

It has a matte textured body with delicate shell-like straight lines and an aluminum logo bar in the center of the front.

The interior is equipped with a double-sided divider with multiple pockets. The divider on the right side is removable, and if you use the attached hook, it is an excellent one that can be hung as it is at the hotel where you are traveling. In addition, there are many other nice features such as a packing cube that is convenient for organizing luggage, and a hanging hook that can hang luggage on the outer front.

The uniquely developed suspension wheel reduces noise and vibration, dramatically improving operability. It supports smooth movement even on uneven European cobblestones.

A special tag indicating a model limited to Japan.


“Silver” will be on sale at Samsonite stores nationwide and on the official website from July 1st. In addition, to commemorate the release of this limited model, from July 1 (Monday) to August 31 (Saturday), if you purchase a minter limited edition model and standard colors, you can get an original pouch of the same design on a first-come, first-served basis. Update your journey with a suitcase that smartly supports your travel and packing.

The original pouch with the same design as “Minter” is available in three colors. Gifts on a first-come, first-served basis.

Samsonite/Samsonite Japan


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