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Citizen Watch will release all four Star Wars limited edition models on Thursday, June 15.

Prior to that, pre-orders will begin on Thursday, May 4, Star Wars Day, when fans around the world can celebrate Star Wars culture and enjoy movies, at stores including e-commerce sites.

A watch inspired by the Star Wars universe

The thermosensor, introduced in 1982, was the world’s first combination watch with a temperature measurement function.

“Citizen Collection” record label that reproduces the design of the thermo sensor Based on the thermo sensor, four models representing the Droids R2-D2 and C-3PO that appear in Star Wars, the X-wing Starfighter fighter, and the spaceship Millennium Falcon will be released.

The back case is engraved with each motif, and comes with a special box limited to Japan and a card printed with each character.

Image of the astromech droid “R2-D2”

Based on blue and white coloring, the analog display in the upper left is an image of the characteristic lens of the R2-D2, and the silhouette of the head is designed in the upper right. The text on the function display of the dial is all unified in a futuristic typeface in the image of a droid.

The price of the model is 44,000 yen, and it is sold in a limited edition of 300 pieces with a Japan limited special box specification, and the case / band is stainless steel.

Expresses R2-D2’s good companion and anxious robot “C-3PO”

Based on the iconic gold coloring, wiring that looks like the fuselage part is drawn on the analog display, and the concentric circles of the body and the three-pronged emblem on the back of the head are designed in the center. In addition, an embossing process that frames the head of the C-3PO is drawn on the outer circumference of the dial.

The price of the model is 44,000 yen, and it is limited to 300 pieces of the Japan limited special box specification. The case/band is made of stainless steel plated in yellow gold.

Recreate the X-wing Starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance

Using a technique called weathering, the grip of the red line and the atmosphere of the used aircraft are reproduced. The five-line mark called RED5 on the analog display in the upper right corner indicates Luke Skywalker’s aircraft.

The price of the model is 44,000 yen, and it is limited to 200 pieces of Japan limited special box specification. The case material is stainless steel with some gray plating, and the band is only stainless steel.

Inspired by the legendary spaceship “Millennium Falcon”

The silhouette of the aircraft is arranged on the entire dial with line drawings, and the analog display in the upper left is an image of the aircraft projected on the control panel. And in the upper right, the trajectory of the stars during the hyperdrive is expressed. The groove at the bottom of the case is colored light blue to resemble the light emission of an engine nozzle.

The price of the model is 44,000 yen, and a limited edition of 200 Japan limited special box specifications will be sold. The case material is stainless steel with some gray plating, and the band material is also stainless steel with gray plating.

The specifications common to all models are crystal glass, case diameter of 33.4 mm wide and thickness of 9.7 mm. Key features include chronograph function, alarm, thermometer and water resistance to 5 bar.

Since its release in 1977, Star Wars has been very popular. Models with the motif of that popular character will be the center of fan attention.

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