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“Star Wars” Tsuno Chrono limited model. From 33,000 yen –AV Watch

Citizen Watch will release 5 types of Tsuno Chrono limited models with the world of the movie “Star Wars” as a design motif from the Citizen Collection RECORD LABEL from September 29th. Reservation starts on May 27, and the price starts from 33,000 yen.

R2-D2 model “AN3666-51A” 33,000 yen Limited 600 pieces C-3PO model “AN3662-51W” 35,200 yen Limited 600 pieces DARTH VADER “AN3669-52E” 35,200 yen Limited 600 pieces DARTH MAUL “AN3668-55W” 35,200 yen limited 400 Star Wars Opening “AN3667-58E” 33,000 yen Limited to 400

The “Chronograph Challenge Timer”, which appeared in 1973 as Citizen’s first full-scale watch with a chronograph function, is nicknamed “Tsuno Chrono” because the push button located on the 12 o’clock side of the case looks like a tsuno. The watch that is being used. The Star Wars limited edition model to be released this time is based on the Citizen Collection RECORD LABEL’s Tsuno Chrono, which is a reproduction of the design of the chronograph challenge timer.

With the motif of the characters appearing in episodes 1 to 3, the details of the popular droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, the dark side character of the series, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul known as a double-blade lightsaber user. Incorporated everywhere. In addition to the four models with character motifs, we will also prepare models that are reminiscent of the opening scene of Star Wars.

All five types are engraved with the Star Wars logo and their character illustrations on the back cover (AN3667-58E has only the logo), and comes with a special box limited to Japan.

The glass is spherical crystal glass with a case diameter / thickness of 38.0 mm / 11.7 mm. The main function is Cal.0510 / monthly difference ± 20 seconds / chronograph function (1/1 second, 12 hours total). Water resistant to 5 bar.

R2-D2 model

Adopted a dial that expresses the body mold of R2-D2 with the unevenness of press processing. Blue and red are effectively arranged on the white tone to express the R2-D2 character. The point is R2-D2, which you can see from the small dial at 6 o’clock.

The case / band is stainless steel (partially plated / jet black). Limited to 600 pieces.

C-3PO model

A model that expresses the face of C-3PO three-dimensionally by making the dial a two-layer structure with a symbolic gold color. The sub-dial that looks like an eye is treated with luminescent material and shines in the dark.

The case / band is stainless steel (plated / yellow gold color). Limited to 600 pieces.


Arranged chronograph hands with the motif of the lightsaber color that changed by switching from Jedi to Sith. In addition, one that expresses Darth Vader’s world view, such as a small dial that graphically incorporates a characteristic life support system.

The case / band is stainless steel (plated / jet black color). Limited to 600 pieces.


A model that expresses Darth Maul’s face, which is characterized by red and black coloring and yellow corners, with a dial, push buttons, and crown. The roughness of the original is suppressed a little, and it is finished in a pop atmosphere.

The case / band is stainless steel (plated / jet black + yellow gold). Limited to 400 pieces.

Star Wars Opening

The STAR WARS logo projected along with the famous theme song by John Williams. The model is based on the image of the opening scene that raises expectations for the story that is about to begin, and uses a black dial with a yellow color scheme and stars printed on it.

The case / band is stainless steel (partially plated / jet black). Limited to 400 pieces.

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