Super Junior’s Supershow 4 in Tokyo Dome Ticket – 5th,Feb, 2012







as many customer request us to take “super junior’s supershow 4” ticket, here’s information for you,

We’re sorry that pre-reservation for Super Junior Show was closed recently.

we have fan club membership of Super Junior,
and reserved successfully 2 tickets for the customer 20 days ago, but now it’s closed.

we got 2 tickets for customer, 10500 x 2 YEN ( normal price)
our charge for this project was 2100 YEN, and everything done.

but as early reservation turn is already closed, so here’s the way to get that ticket.

1) get ticket normally (very low possibility) calling again and again using phone.

2) buy “second-hand” ticket

this ticket is sold on public – someone reserved through fan club, and selling on internet.

price range = 20000 – 100,000 YEN (for 100,000 YEN , this is bad pricing, but someone is selling)

we recommend No.2 (No.1 is not possible to get ticket usually.) as early reservation is finished.


* Additional information (updated 9th FEB, 2012)

we got mail from Super Junior fan club today.

2nd turn of “fan club member only” reservation will start very soon. (starts from 23th FEB)

we can assist you to buy ticket (you need to take membership first , so need additional 5200YEN, 14th FEB)

and this 5200 YEN is NOT FOR US, for membership of Super Junior fan club(1 year valid). We don’t take any unnecessary cost from you, as you can check in fan club site.

our mission is to protect customer from buying fake one or too expensive price.

(our charge is 10% and no need to sell fake things, because many of our customers are repeat customers.)

Of course, we can still assist you to buy when normal turn begins, but possibility is very low ( we know last concert, super junior show 3 was tragedy for normal turn waiting people – very few of them could get ticket. so “second-hand” ticket price is SO HIGH, they learn from past….)

 Here, you can contact us and try your luck (everyone have to test luck for SJ tickets) or get ticket now….. 

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