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“Swatch” collaborates with “Dragon Ball Z” to release watches featuring 7 characters including Son Goku & Shenron – WWD JAPAN

Son Goku’s Watch Son Gohan’s Watch Kame Sennin’s Watch Shenron’s Watch

The watch brand “SWATCH” will release seven kinds of watches in collaboration with the anime “Dragon Ball Z” on August 25th. The price is 10,780 to 19,030 yen (preliminary price). Watches with character designs of Son Goku, Son Gohan, Kame Sennin, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu on the front and back will be released all at once. On October 1st, the series will be completed with the release of the watch of Shenron, which appears when you collect the seven dragon balls. When the Shenron watch goes on sale, a limited edition kit of 997 pieces will be released, which will include the 7 types of watches that will be released in August, packed into Dragon Ball, and a specially designed Shenron watch.

Each clock expresses the character’s two sides and different moods on the front and back. For example, Son Goku’s watch has an image of a bodice with “Satoru” on the front, and “Shintoun” on the back. Vegeta’s clock is an image of a scouter whose front measures Goku’s fighting power. The back side is the design of Vegeta who became a great monkey on the night of the full moon. Frieza has an image of the final (fourth) form on the front and the first form on the back. Turtle hermit has a face on the front of the face. The long and short hands are red, and at 5:35, it gives the image of Roshi having a nosebleed. Shenron’s clock has seven dragon balls drawn on the front. The bezel is decorated with the words of Shenron, “Say your wish.” The limited-edition Shenron watch is said to have gold belt loops and buckles.

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