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“TAG Heuer Carrera” Legendary apex model. Special limited version only in Japan | J PRIME

The world was astonished!TAG Heuer Tourbillon-equipped model

In addition to chronographs and divers, TAG Heuer offers a wide range of products, from 3-needle standard watches to ladies’ models. This time, we will introduce the highest premium model.

What greatly overturned the common sense of the watch industry is the price setting of 2 million yen with a tourbillon installed!

TAG Heuer’s complex clock was created in 1963 by Jack Heuer, the fourth and fourth president of the TAG Heuer family, as a tribute to the legendary road race Carrera Panamericana held in the 1950s. The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer Caliber 02T, a complex watch developed and announced by Carrera.
This model was announced at Baselworld in March 2016. This watch was the most notable and talked-about new epoch-making watch of the year. The first thing that surprised watch buyers and journalists from all over the world was that this model had a tourbillon mechanism and a more complex flying tourbillon mechanism. And what was even more surprising was that it had a chronograph function. In addition, he was certified as a COSC (Swiss Chronometer Certification Association) chronometer. These are three.

And there was one more big surprise. It was a planned price of 2 million yen, which is a tourbillon model = over 10 million yen, which greatly breaks the common sense of the watch industry.
As you know, the tourbillon is an escape governor that is invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the greatest genius in watch history, and is related to the accuracy of the difference in watch attitude caused by the influence of the gravity of the earth at the heart of the mechanical watch. A complex mechanism that pursues and realizes the ultimate precision as a mechanical watch by constantly putting (temp and beard zenmai, escape wheel and ankle) in a cage and rotating it to average it. Although this tourbillon weighs only a few grams, it is made up of dozens of parts and requires the highest level of skill as a watchmaker for manual assembly and adjustment. In particular, the “Flying Tourbillon”, which has a structure that eliminates the bridge for visual consideration, is said to be difficult to assemble and adjust.

A prestigious product called TAG Heuer for over 100 years. Moreover, in addition to this flying tourbillon mechanism, it is equipped with a chronograph mechanism, which is a more complicated mechanism. The model that passed the test of the high-precision COSC certified chronometer was priced in the 2 million yen range, so it is natural that watch lovers will praise it. Besides, it is fearless and sporty. It is also epoch-making that it is finished as a daily watch that can be worn every day.

And this model was released in 2017 with the specifications and price as announced in 2016, and it continued to be the “biggest topical work”. Five years have passed since its release, but its value and brilliance have not changed. Rather, it can be said that its value is increasing.

The new work introduced this time is a Japanese limited version of this “vertex model”. It features a matte black color scheme, silver indial, and red as a tourbillon accent, derived from the “Hinomaru”. A special box with a watch winder is also included.

Not only for watch lovers, but also for those who are looking for a premium sports chronograph, this is a must-see. At first glance, there may be something in common with the technique of a hand-crafted father who has a cool look that does not make you feel like a model equipped with a tourbillon.

“TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 02T Tourbillon Chronograph Japan Limited Edition”
¥ 2,667,500 (tax included)

Case diameter: 45 mm
Case: Grade 2 Titanium
Strap: Alligator x rubber strap
Movement: Caliber Heuer 02T
Power reserve: Approximately 65 hours
Waterproof: 100m waterproof

TAG Heuer

This model will be on sale at “GENTA the Watch” on the 5th floor of the North Building of Matsuzakaya Nagoya, which will be renewed from Wednesday, July 6th! On Sunday, July 10, TAG Heuer special customer service event will be held by J PRIME Editor-in-Chief Toga.

TAG HEUER x J PRIME Editor-in-Chief Keijo Toga
Personal customer service event

Session: Sunday, July 10
Venue: Matsuzakaya Nagoya North Building 5F GENTA the Watch TAG Heuer
Number of people: 5 groups (10 people)
Reservation schedule (45 minutes each, 5 sessions in total)
13: 00 ~, 14: 00 ~, 15: 00 ~, 16: 00 ~, 17: 00 ~

Apply from the URL below

Bun Clock Journalist Shibuya Yasuhito

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