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Yohji Yamamoto × New Era, cap and bag decor logo plate of Silver – Fashion Press

Fashion Press Yohji Yamamoto × New Era, cap decor logo plate of Silver & Bags Fashion Press Base "59FIFTY," also referred to as the final form of the ball cap, the metal plate of silver engraved with signature logo of Yohji Yamamoto is to accent the beautiful crown. Such as signature logo is embroidered with silver in the under-visor, it is finished in solid impression. Yohji Yamamoto "ground wire" × Kamen Rider, collaboration item release, such as summer knitwear and T-shirts okmusic UP's 2016 spring and summer models emerge by Yohji Yamamoto and the New Era BIGLOBE News

Buying from Japan Just Got Much Easier

Japan is a country that is well known globally for its advancement in the manufacturing industry, although the country is seen as a car, electrical and electronics manufacturing giant, these are only some of the products you can get from this technologically advanced country where high quality products are found in virtually every part of the country. People often travel from different parts of the world to Japan just to purchase items they couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. So how do you buy that high quality product you have always wanted to buy from Japan even when you are sitting in the comfort of your home? Let’s say you finally found the product you love but you cannot afford to travel to Japan or just don’t have the time, most times it is very possible to find these items on the internet. What if your credit card is not accepted by the vendor or the vendor doesn’t just ship to your country?

Personal Shopper Japan to the rescue

When faced with the challenges mentioned above or even more, Personal Shopper Japan is the right place to visit for quick and professional service. We pride ourselves for providing the best service you could possibly get out there, we can help you buy that quality product you wish to buy from Japan but faced with restrictions. Not only can we buy for you from Japan and send to your doorstep, we also serve as a registered auction agent for you, this simply means that you can buy auction items from any online auction provider in Japan through us.

In order to ensure that your item is not damaged on its way to you, we repackage the item and provide a standard protection. As part of our commitment to best customer service delivery, we are actively involved on social media platforms, our Facebook page is one example of the platforms where customers get to share their experience with our services, and you can find video reviews by our satisfied customers. Since customer satisfaction is a top priority to us, we provide a great customer review section on our website for customers to express their satisfaction with our service delivery.

Because Personal Shopper Japan is aware of the risks involved when carrying out online transactions, we have integrated a secure method of handling payments for our services using PayPal as one of the payment options. We also provide our customers with a tracking number upon purchase of any item, this is a way of keeping you informed at all times about the location of your package, also a good way of providing you with extra security.

When next you are thinking of buying any item from Japan, Personal Shopper Japan is the website for you, all you need to do is send us a request, get a reply and pay for the items to be bought and shipped to your doorstep regardless of your geographical location in the world.

Price structure is changed


Our price structure is changed, and optimized for customer who will buy high price item.

For over 100000 YEN purchase, we’ll discount our charge, and 6% is applied.

Best way to get samples

Sometimes, corporation needs sample from certain item.

If contact through maker’s contact form, then it may raise unnecessary alert in some case.

By using our service, you can avoid unnecessary hustle, none of your individual information exposed to supplier.

Ninja J

The whole body of the pair! Water-repellent sneakers CURLY is now on sale.

¥ 13,800 + TAX That make every item in the cut, Japan's Manifakuchua brands have absolute confidence in its own production background < Curly (CURLY) >. The other day, regular planning " SHOPPING ADDICT was to introduce among the" brand's first sneaker it is now on sale. The whole body of the pair! Water-repellent sneakers CURLY is now on sale. Was in charge of production is founded in Kurume City in 1873, a pioneer in 140 years also domestic sneakers between has been making shoes, < Moon Star (MOONSTAR) >. The whole body of the pair! Water-repellent sneakers CURLY is now on sale. In the 1970s on the basis of the wooden mold has been produced in <Moon Star> "Chuck Taylor", upper from the material of the sole color and the width of the tape, has undergone a arrange to the outsole. The whole body of the pair! Water-repellent sneakers CURLY is now on sale. The original sweat material in the upper, giving the process of wonders that enables water-repellent while maintaining the original texture cotton without the use of resin and organic solvents "NUMBER PLUS", an epoch-making that who can wear without stress even in the rain to finish. Color is, using a special knitting machine there are only two in the gray and domestic, two colors of navy duck Jacquard was expressed by many years of experience and dense computation of the craftsman by adjusting the attitude of the thread of the front and back . The whole body of the pair! Water-repellent sneakers CURLY is now on sale. For distribute the gas to arrange the duck pattern to the sole. Among the authentic "All-Star" type, in the simple, I think in a gem that can be a little differentiation. Text_Ryo Komuta The Weft Address: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 6-12-10 UNITY 103 Phone: 03-6450-5905 business: 12:00 to 20:00 Thursday Closed

Big Holidays in Japan

There’s BIG holidays in Japan (from 30th April to 7th May)
Many stores take holidays during these days, so we can accept orders, but seller can’t ship the item.

Please understand that item will be delivered to our office AFTER 8th MAY.

Hokkaido Slimming pills – Please be aware. This is fake item…..


This Hokkaido slimming pill thing is not from Japan….
Please be aware of fake products saying “From Japan”.

Best Regards,
Ninja J

Turntable request very expensive item, 11/7 2013


Recently, we got special request from Saudi Arabia.

Vintage rare Turn table Exclusive P3 turntable, USED (5000 USD when we bought this item for cusomer, 6000 USD in 1981)

It’s weight = around 50KG, and requires diligent handling.

Please see this post for our work about this item. Continue reading “Turntable request very expensive item, 11/7 2013”

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box ! , 4th September 2012

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box
is now on sale (reservation required).
the item will be released on 18th December 2012, but the official store is
accepting reservation now!!

Price: 35000 YEN (including TAX)

and – YES. we can assist for you to buy this Ultimate BOX.

Best Regards,
Ninja J

– added 12th October,

Thank you for reservation !

we secured 6 sets for our customers !

Thank you,

Ninja J

Update, 29th August 2012

Still we receive many request regarding western dryer…
this item is sold out everywhere and no more refill.

also – Meiji chocolate house making kit.
this item also sold out, and not available now.
according to the maker, they will release new version of this item around November.

to Indian people,
please request us other item than cameras.
cameras in Japan is not cheap.
if you want cutting-edge new model, then we can find and tell you the price, but common ones are cheaper in India than Japan.