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Matsumoto Castle, the popularity of foreign tourists increased – Shinanomainichishinbun

Shinanomainichishinbun Matsumoto Castle, of foreign tourists increased popularity Shinanomainichishinbun Foreign tourists visiting the national treasure Matsumoto Castle in Matsumoto in recent years, has increased in the soaring. According to the preliminary figures of the Matsumoto Castle management office is summarized fiscal 2015, 93,874 foreigners are year-on-year 9 percent of the paid attendance (8046 people year-on-year). The office of government inbound (overseas誘客) were added, such as the policy, …

Recent feedback from our customers

Fast and Reliable

Mar 05, 2014 by Robin
•Item :  Auction Item

•Where Are You From ? :  Singapore

Gave good advice on auctions since it is my first time using auction services and also clarified all my inquiries such as estimation and alternative links of the same item.

Delivery was faster than my previous order.

Item is in good condition.

Thank you PSJ.

Response: Mr.Robin,

Thank you for using our service again and thank you for the feedback again !

Sometimes, auction items are tricky because most of the sellers are individual and require delicate communication with the seller in Japanese.

Hope you like your item, and we are always ready for your request !

Thank you very much,

Ninja J

Good customer service

Mar 05, 2014 by Cheng
•Item :  Healthcare product

•Where Are You From ? :  Malaysia

Personalshopperj staffs have spend a lot of time to explain and answer to my worry question, i very satisfy with their service. The parcel is arrived, and it packed in a very good and safe way.

Response: Mr.Cheng,

Thank you for using our service, and thank you for the feedback.

Hope you like Japanese supplement, and we can receive new order soon !

Thank you,

Ninja J

My 1st purchase experience: Prompt and reliable! As good as buying in Japan..

Mar 03, 2014 by JuzLev

•Item :  Tokyo Banana 2014 New Flavor NANOHANA Banana shake & Ginza Strawberry

•Where Are You From ? :  Singapore

Items are nicely pack in a box. Received them in good condition. Great communication from Ninja J. I’m happy with my purchase. Will order again in future. Many thanks!!

Response: Ms.Juzlev,

Thank you for using our service and feedback!

Tokyo Banana has very short expiry date, so we did your request with our best speed.

hope you like the taste of Japanese snacks.

Thank you, and hope we can receive your next order (tokyo banana maybe ?) soon,

Ninja J

Update 20th FEB, 2014 Site renewed


We renewed our site !
from 2012, we got many requests and recently,
we can’t update our blog periodically (because blog takes time to update as you know 😉

so we decided to renew our site and changed to easy post system.

You can see our recent request from customers here

and we’ll update occasionally. (please note that we can’t post everything, because there’s many…)

We still looking into past requests we did, and posting day by day.
It takes time, but we really hope our customers like this new site !

Thank you,
Ninja J

recent requests – 20th, September 2012


How are you ?
this is Ninja J.

we got many requests, and here’s examples.

Fishing Rod
Japanese chocolate snacks
AC adapter for note PC
Japanese brand apparel
music score
AKB48 goods
Super Junior goods
tickets for concerts
– Namie Amuro
– AKB48

turn table (very expensive one, over 4000 USD)
electric tester
slimming machine
…. and many !

Thank you for requests!

Recent requests – update 9th August

Here’s update for recent requests,

Japanese snacks
Walking Stick
Artist Goods
Anime Figure
Magazine (Fashion, Gossips, etc)
Massage Cushion
Food Samples

Saudi Arabia
… and more !

Thank you very much !!!

Ninja J

Our recent project update! 27, Jan, 2012

Hi, here’s our recent projects update. (this time, simple version)

1. Sony 3d personal Viewer ( reservation item)


2. Premium book , Park Yong-ha ”Love”



3. Game, Gundam Extreme VS (PS3)



4. VAAM sports drink


5. ….. and more , music CD, snacks, japanese bag, japanese t-shirts, etc.

Our recent project – ticketing service 19th, Jan, 2012

OK, here’s our recent project –

one customer wants to reserve a concert ticket before arrive in japan.

Yes – me also wanted this service long time.

Travel agancy has this kind of service , but too expensive and also there’s not so much selection.

BUT, WE CAN TAKE YOUR TICKET FOR YOU –  Any type available in japan.

example –

movie ticket, train ticket, shinkansen ticket …..

Use wisely to save your precious time in japan !