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PSJ customer reviews
United Kingdom

Yes, we are active.

We got multiple inquiry about “are you still active ?”

Yes, we are active of course, and processing many requests every day.

We are thinking Post in blog / site is for marketing, so currently, we don’t post blogs frequently,

because our philosophy is “if you had time, then spend time for our customers.”.

Please check our customer reviews page when you have time,

as this section is updated periodically, you can tell if Ninja J is active or not.

Happy new year 2015

Oh, it’s already 1 month from new year 2015…

For us, start of 2015 was very busy days, because around 5 of our return customers sent requests to us.

“Hi Ninja ! Happy new year ! and I want this item …..”

“Happy new year PSJ team ! How much is this item ??…. ”

“Hi, Happy new year. When can you ship this item ??… ”

Oh my god ! Thank you very much !!

Maybe, Our customers first e-mail was delivered to us :))))

Such a good start for us.

Thank you very much for requests, and Happy new busy year for PSJ.


Ninja J

Meiji Chocolate house making kit – October 12th, 2012


Happy shopping !

thank you very much for many requests.

Famous Meiji Chocolate house making kit will be released on next month.

we are accepting reservation now!

and – here’s small info
our No.1 customers are from
Indonesia,Russia and Singapore.
thank you very much.

also many from
Hong Kong

we are welcome customers from
(a bit little number from these countries)

Ninja J

for the people from Philippines


we have many requests from Philippines,
but some of the requests are strange.

one of the customer wanted us to buy
ivi collagen powdered drink.

we never heard of it, and searched internet with “English” (already strange….)
and found a company.
at first glance we can tell that they are not Japanese.
1. The pictures in their website is a bit taste “Old”… (10 years ago or so?)
2. Katakana and Kanji usage is a bit weird.
3. There’s no Japanese page at all.

we know that Japanese cosmetics are famous all over the world,
but please don’t be fooled by fake Japanese cosmetic companies.

they use Japanese brand image, but not Japanese quality for cosmetics.

People from Philippines, please be aware of fake cosmetics…
People from Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia already knows I guess – because their requests are
always “Shiseido” or other famous Japanese costmetics.

Ninja J

Update, 20th, June, 2012


Today is my birthday and thank you for many requests !

here’s interest requests (and proceeding)

1. Light Bulb (toshiba) x 200

2. doujinshi

3. japanese sensu (anime character version)

4. construction tool (plaster)

5. baren

6. manga writing tools

7. kitkat (greentea)

8. meiji chocolate house making kit

9. high quality nail clippers

10. and more !


Oh, also bigbang concert will be held on november and december in Japan.

so many request is comming right now.

Ninja J

Update – 31st, MAY, 2012


customers requests has trends,

If There will be famous concert in Japan, such as Lady Gaga, Super Junior, BigBang, Shinee, FTISLAND, Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48…..
then we got many request from customers all over the world.
Thank you very much and here’s what we realize,

Many requests from Australia, Thailand, HongKong, Shingapore, Malaysia about ticket.
and we got many good feedbacks from customers. Thank you very much!!

Kitkat – this is famous in Indonesia now ? many customers requests us.
but – unfortunately, green tea kitkat is already all sold out.
green tea has season limitaion. so only available within October – June.

and interesting thing is – some of the customer asked us – “do you ship to (country name) ?”
yes we ship to worldwide. even in Japan region such as Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa.

request from US and Africa, Philippines – Many digital cameras.
but, unfortunately, Camera in Japan is not cheap.
most of the things in japan are expensive and so – please ask us HIGH QUALITY things, not something such as “cheap camera please!” or “cheap ipad/iphone please!”

you can buy ipad cheaper in your country, and most of the digital camera in your country too.
if you want to buy high-end or only in japan cameras, then request us please.

Also there will be shipping problem.
we can’t ship Li-ion items with normal shipping cost.
have to use special shipping company for shipping. so shipping price will be much higher than customer’s expectation – more than 10000 YEN (that’s more then 125 USD) but Li-ion problem is regurated by international shipping rule.
so, we ask customers to ship to their address withoug Li-ion battery.
we’ll discount the cost of Li-ion battery and you can buy the battery for your item in your country later. Then the shipping cost will be normail price.

some of the customer ask the price and just gone.
but please tell us your preffered price. we can try to find better price for you.
sometimes there will be a SALE. so we can buy from the sale and send it to you.

BigBang concert ticket reservation update, 4th April 2012


Thank you !

One of the Fan site – introduced us(thank you BB administrator),

so we got many requests from customers! we are very happy with this, but as we have limited staff,

we’ll proceed one by one, so please give us a time to respond all of your incoming requests.

In Japan, ticket reservation is REALLY weird. Many way to get the ticket and opportunity is always secret before certain day.

so, we’ll inform you latest info (4th April) in this post.


Here’s process for “bigbang” ticket reservation opportunity. ( start from recent event)

1. Fan club 2nd pre-reservation opportunity – Finished. (you must be a member of  VIP (official fan club) before 14th March to enter lottery opportunity for this round,

with paying 6200 YEN(annual membership fee) , and get the membership. After you got membership, you can enter the lottery and you must win the ticket(some of our customer won the ticket with our assistance, same as the Super Junior concert case).

Winner announcement date was from 31th MARCH to 5th April. And with this method, our customer won the ticket @60% ratio (recent Super Junior case).

2. There will be ticket distributor (Lawson, E-plus, a-ticket, ticket pia, and other sites) pre-reservation. (within April, but not started yet. sometimes they don’t tell the exact date.)  Still Lottery….. our customer’s win ratio was 20% (recent Super Junior case)

3. Finally, there’s public sale from 28th April.

BUT, almost 95% impossible to get the ticket with this opportunity (LadyGAGA case) even you have fast PC and T1 connection in Japan (we tried by 3 PCs and fast internet connection, and Phone), 1 minutes and all sold out (you can’t connect the site itself, “sorry, too many requests” error screen only… )

Only with luck, you can connect the site and get the ticket.

So, there’s ticket re-sale market in japan.

most of re-sale market is “auction” style, but we can find best cost and result balanced ticket for you, depends on the budget you provide, and these tickets are usually “FAN CLUB” tickets (it likely to have better seat than normal ones).

With this method, you can get the ticket earlier, and no need to wait for the lottery thing…(we hate to inform our customer “very unfortunate”. there was a case that got the membership – but lose the lottery…. that was really sad. we can refund our charge, but can’t refund the membership fee….)

OK, here’s conclusion.

Before contacting us, please think carefully points below,

1. You want to buy from

A: Public opportunity (our charge, and ticket issue fee will be needed) – CHEAPEST method, but almost impossible.

B: Distributor pre-reservation (our charge, distributor membership fee and ticket issue fee) – Better method, but not so good.

C: Auction (our charge, domestic shipping cost, auction expense fee and our delivery fee) – you can secure your ticket earliest, but expensive.

D: Fan club Member early pre- reservation (already closed for BIGBANG) – best method, but you have to sacrifice membership fee if you lose the lottery.

2. If you choose “A”

Please contact us ASAP.

3. If you choose “B”

Please contact us ASAP, and remember there will be “membership fee” for any distributors.

4.If you choose “C”

Please contact us ASAP, and please provide us budget for bid the auction (15000 YEN  – over 30000 YEN per ticket, change daily)

5. If you choose “D”

Oh, you had to contact us 1 month earlier…

6. If you can’t choose…

Please decide which way you want to buy… we have many customers and we have to prioritize the customer who say

“I have a budget and want to buy fanclub ticket for me”

Thank you for reading such a long text, and we are ready to assist you.

AND, DON’T forget to tell us WHICH ticket do you want – Travel from Osaka to Saitama – it takes more than 3 hours !!!!


NGK Insulators Hall [Aichi] 5/17 (Thu), 5/18 (Fri)

Yokohama Arena [Kanagawa] 5/26 (Sat), 5/27 (Sun)

Osaka Castle Hall [Osaka] 6/1 (Fri), 6/2 (Sat)

Saitama Super Arena [Saitama] 6/16 (Sat), 6/17 (Sun)



bigbang,bigbang ticket,bigbang concert,big bang,bigbang tokyo

Ninja J


Our projects update – 21th Feb, 2012


we are a bit busy right now with Super junior tickets. we got many requests – Thank you very much!

and also – many requests regarding electronics – such as canon, nikon, sony – also thank you very much!

and as there’re many request, we are sorry for slow reply (can’t reply within 12 hours – usually we send you reply within 2 hours.)

here’s our projects update digest – we’ll upload picture later…

1. canon camera EOS 60D

2. TAKUYA IDE (japanese talent) photo book

3. Disney plush

4. NDS, 3DS software

5. Japanese windows software

6. Japanese music CD

7. and many, we’ll update soon

Thank you !