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Buy iQos, heatsticks, heets, heat sticks, heetsticks, Marlboro from Japan
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Golden week in Japan

There will be biggest holiday in Japan from 29th April to 6th May.

Most of the companies are taking holidays during these days.

We are open and operating normally during these days, but most of the suppliers will stop shipping out items.

so please note that it will take some time to receive your ordered items.

again, we are open and operating normally during golden week.

Turntable request very expensive item, 11/7 2013


Recently, we got special request from Saudi Arabia.

Vintage rare Turn table Exclusive P3 turntable, USED (5000 USD when we bought this item for cusomer, 6000 USD in 1981)

It’s weight = around 50KG, and requires diligent handling.

Please see this post for our work about this item. Continue reading “Turntable request very expensive item, 11/7 2013”

Recent Requests – Camera, iphone, mobile phone – 9th, March, 2012, 1st August 2013(modified).


Thank you for many request regarding Camera (DSLR) , iphone, Mobile phone.


International Law changed !!

and we can send to you items with Li-Ion batteries from 1st August 2013 !


You think – because of these high quality electronics are made in japan (except iphone),

many customers assume price is cheaper in japan,

But, these products needs Li-Ion battery.

There’s regulation for shipping Li-Ion battery by air, and so costs more to ship overseas,

because we need to use special way to deliver these battery to you.

here’s UPS info regarding lithium ion battery.

to avoid expensive price for our customers, we recommend – ship without battery.

We provide you discount for NOT sending lithium ion battery, and you have to buy battery in ebay later.

Yes, we can send you WITH battery with extra cost….

– use special shipping method (cost more than twice of normal shipping by air) and deliver everything to you.

Thank you,

Ninja J