Teva’s “Original & Universal – Let’s connect as you are” campaign features actors Yuri Tsunematsu and Taisuke Niihara in the Japan limited visuals!


(April 14, 2023) – Tokyo, Japan, Teva®, which was born from the development of the world’s first sports sandal with a strap in 1984 and celebrates its 40th anniversary next year, is active in TV, movies, and stage with the limited visuals Japan of the “Original & Universal – Connect as you are” campaign that is currently being developed. It features actors Yuri Tsunematsu and Taisuke Niihara. The two young actors will incorporate Teva items and coordinate urban lifestyles with outdoor and street feeling. It will be released on the official Teva website and SNS account from Friday, April 14.

Campaign Movie

Japan limited edition visuals focus on four models that represent this season, expressing their features and recommended wearing scenes. We will introduce Teva’s new and popular models in coordination according to the scene of enjoying nature and outdoors felt by the water and in the city.

For the Spring/Summer 2023 season, the Original & Universal campaign will continue to innovate and help Teva users connect with the wider world through the outdoors, their adventurous spirit and self-expression. Through the ever-beloved Teva sandals, we will convey the connection from Teva’s ever-evolving roots to the present.

Actor Yuri Tsunematsu
Born in Tokyo in 1998. In 2005, he made his debut as a child actor in “Ruri’s Island” (Japan TV).
She won the Osaka Cinema Festival 2020 New Actress Award for the movie “Waiting for the Night”.
His major appearances include the dramas Sanada Maru, Welcome Back Monet (both NHK), The Travel Nurse (TV Asahi), Reversal Orchestra (Japan TV), The Naked Director Season 2, Alice in Borderland Season 2 (both Netflix series), The Welkin, and Kisaragi Station. Appeared on the stage “Parasite” from 6/5.

Actor Taisuke Niihara
She started learning dance at the age of 4 and studied various genres such as hip hop and jazz dance.
In 2018, he made his acting debut after winning the grand prize at “High School Boys Mister Con”.
Recent appearances include Fuji TV’s Saturday drama “The Melancholy of Grandma,” the NHK Taiga drama “13 People of Kamakuraden,” the MBS drama “Eternal Yesterday,” the stage play “Rabbit Hall,” and the musical drama “Claudia.”
He is expanding his activities to dramas, stages, and musicals.

Featuring a trendy platform style, the HURRICANE XLT 2 AMPSOLE’s visuals stylishly express the lifestyle of enjoying nature in the city with sports casual and street coordination. The heel is about 4.5 cm high, bold volume, but very comfortable with a lightweight midsole. The rubber outsole provides durability and grip. It is more environmentally friendly with 30% recycled material for the midsole and 50% recycled material for the durable outsole. Ideal for town casual and travel.

Price: ¥11,880(¥10,800 excluding tax)

Development: Men’s (25cm – 29cm, 2 colors), Women’s (22cm – 25cm, 4 colors) *All sizes are in 1cm increments


OUTFLOW UNIVERSAL is an advanced sandal sneaker that combines Teva’s DNA with a universal strap system and shoes. With styling that shows the feet of cropped pants and half pants, we expressed an urban, simple and stylish image that makes use of monotone. Although it is a water shoe, the urban design is truly modern outdoor OUTFLOW UNIVERSAL. I shot it in a waterside scene in the center of the city to symbolize its characteristics.

The OUTFLOW UNIVERSAL upper is easy to put on and take off and adjust thanks to the stretchy opening and hook-and-loop zipper, and the outsole is made of spider rubber that is resistant to wet roads. It can be worn in a wide range of scenes from the city to the outdoors.

Price: ¥17,600(¥16,000 excluding tax)

Available in: Men’s (25.0cm – 29.0cm, 3 colors), Women’s (22.0cm – 25.0cm, 2 colors)


HURRICANE XLT 2 is a popular sports sandal at Teva. This spring, a diamond-patterned strap will appear as an archive for 2014. While expressing diversity in combination with colorful colored straps, the outdoor and street mix coordination expresses the image of feeling nature even in the city. The lightweight midsole with heel tab and EVA foam cushions shocks, withstands harsh use, and the outsole provides excellent traction.

Price: ¥10,780(¥9,800 excluding tax)

Development: Men’s (25cm – 29cm, 5 colors), Women’s (22cm – 25cm, 5 colors) *All sizes are in 1cm increments.


A lifestyle that enjoys the outdoors with friends in the city without being unpretentious and natural, and coordination that makes you feel comfortable. Recommended for town casual, festivals, and waterside activities, Teva’s classic model ORIGINAL UNIVERSAL is also recommended for styling with socks. Water-resistant, quick-drying and durable, the 100% recycled®polyester webbing from Unifi in the United States is easy to put on and take off and adjust the fit with hook-and-loop fasteners.

Price: ¥8,580(¥7,800 excluding tax)

Development: Men’s (25cm – 29cm, 4 colors), Women’s (22cm – 25cm, 5 colors) *All sizes are in 1cm increments.

【Teva’s efforts to protect the global environment】

Teva will actively incorporate recycled materials, LWG (Leather Working Group) (*1) certified leather, BCI (*2) certified cotton, etc., and develop a large number of shoes and sandals that are friendly to the global environment. We also run the “TevaForever” (*3) recycling program to re-breathe life into Teva sandals that have been worn for a long time and have finished their role.

*1 LWG (Leather Working Group) is an international organization consisting of three leather brands, tanners, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The aim is to protect the global environment and supply safe leather to consumers, and certification is given to tanneries that have passed strict screening.

*2 The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a sustainable program that aims to transform cotton production by supporting farmers who produce Better Cotton, which is environmentally friendly in the cultivation and supply of cotton.

*3 For details of the TevaForever program, please refer to

【About Teva】

Teva® developed the world’s first sports sandals on the shores of the Grand Canyon in 1984. Inspired by the spirit of adventure, these versatile and durable modern outdoor shoes are loved by people around the world who live adventurous and active lifestyles. In 2020, Teva switched to 100% recycled plastic materials for the straps of its main sandals. In order for the next generation to freely adventure and enjoy nature, Teva is committed to reducing the burden on the global environment. Learn more about Teva, a division of Deckers Brands, in

【About Deckers Brands】

As a global leader in the design, distribution and wholesale of innovative footwear, apparel and fashion accessories, Deckers Brands produces both everyday items for casual lifestyles and products suitable for high-performance activities.

The brand portfolio includes UGG®, Koolaburra(R), HOKA(R), Teva(R) and Sanuk(R).

Deckers Brands products are sold in more than 50 countries and territories in certain department and specialty stores, our owned and operated retail stores, and certain online stores, including our own websites. Deckers Brands has a 40-year track record of growing a niche of footwear into a market-leading lifestyle that attracts millions of loyal users from around the world.

See for more information.

【 Inquiries 】

Dekkers Japan TEL.0120-710-844

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