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[Nikhan Segmo Co., Ltd.]

It is the first time in Kansai to hold a spin-off project! !

Nikka Segmo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kuniyoshi Yasui) will hold JR Kyoto Isetan (Kyoto, Kyoto) for 5 days from September 28 (Wednesday) to October 2 (Sunday), 2022. City) will hold “Stationery Women’s Expo Ink Time / Deco Time in Kyoto”.

“Stationery Girls’ Expo” was held for the first time in December 2017 against the background of increasing stationery fever among women. Over 260,000 total visitors! This is Japan’s largest stationery festival where you can “see, touch, and buy.” Such “Stationery Women’s Expo” will finally be held in Kyoto for the first time! This event is highly recommended not only for customers who love stationery, but also for customers who want to enjoy stationery life from now on.
This time, “Stationery Girls’ Expo Ink Jikan/Deco Jikan” is a spin-off project of “Stationery Girls’ Expo.” The annual event held in Tokyo will finally be held in Kansai for the first time. As the number of stationery fans who enjoy decorating their daily schedule books and diaries is increasing rapidly, the lineup of products centered on inks, stamps, masking tapes, stickers, and notebooks. Stationery stores from all over Japan will also be selling original fountain pen ink “local ink” that you don’t usually see!
About 6,000 people visited the “Stationery Girls Expo Ink Time / Deco Time in Tokyo” held in Tokyo last month, and many stationery fans enjoyed it. There are products that can only be purchased in Kyoto, so we hope you will take this opportunity to visit us.

*Advance admission tickets must be purchased in advance to enter.
*From the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, restrictions will be placed on the number of visitors. Please purchase advance admission tickets as soon as possible.

Overview of “Stationery Women’s Expo Ink Time / Deco Time in Kyoto”

[Date and time]September 28 (Wednesday) to October 2 (Sunday), 2022
Block 1 10:00-11:35 (Last entry 11:05)
Block 2 12:15-13:50 (Last entry 13:20)
Block 3 14:10-15:45 (Last entry 15:15)
Block 4 16:05-17:40 (Last entry 17:10)
Block 5 18:00-19:35 (Last entry 19:05)
*Block system/capacity replacement system each day
*Up to block 4 on the last day only

[Venue]JR Kyoto Isetan 10th Floor Exhibition Hall
(Address: Higashi-Shiokoji-cho, Karasuma-dori, Shiokoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto)
[Entrance fee]600 yen (tax included) *Separate ticketing fee
*No re-entry
* Up to 2 children under elementary school age are free per advance ticket.
*Advance admission tickets are on sale at eplus

Popular store makers and products

*Each block will end as soon as the stock runs out.

1. Delfonics
・New series “Fave”
From the popular brand Rollbahn, a new series “Fave” that depicts your favorite things with a warm touch. Pre-sale will be held at Ink Time / Deco Time in Kyoto. A chance to get new products before anyone else! Don’t miss it! !

・Stationery Girls Expo Limited Customized Rollbahn[Bookbinding version]
Urgent decision! Customized Rollbahn, which is familiar at Stationery Women’s Expo, will appear for the first time in Kyoto! You can enjoy the cover of the Stationery Girls’ Expo limited design and Rollbahn, which is a random combination of memos, rings, and rubber bands from a wide variety of colors.

2. Tsukineko Co., Ltd.
Tsukineko, a stamp ink maker founded in 1952, sells pigment ink that is resistant to light deterioration and is water resistant. I put more than 30 colors of colorful ink in a cute bottle! ! A glass pen that allows you to easily draw pop ink is also available.

3. Foo Row
Much-talked-about sealing wax & stamp more easily! This is a shop where you can find everything from original design stamps, waxes, and tools. If you want to enjoy the much-talked-about sealing wax but don’t know where to start, please stop by the FooRow booth!

4. Font
Skeleton fountain pen “Fonte” can be customized to your liking by combining the main body, cap, and ink. The long-awaited glass pen is now available from “Fonte”! ! It is an epoch-making product that allows you to enjoy glass pens for around 800 yen. Find your own one with your favorite combination!

5. “Stationery Girls Expo Original Ink” 2,420 yen (tax included)
We have decided to resell #011 Tokimeki no Cream Soda from the “Stationery Girls Cafe Series”, which was very popular at “Stationery Girls Expo #Ink and Deco Swamp” held last year! * Up to 1 point per person

6. Sailor Fountain Pen Co., Ltd.
From the well-established Sailor Fountain Pen, which celebrated its 110th anniversary, we offer a writing instrument series SHIKIORI (Fountain Pen, Fountain Pen Ink, Markers, etc.) where you can feel the four seasons woven by Japanese nature, and a fountain pen where you can enjoy calligraphy. An event-limited project “SHIKIORI-Shikiori-Cartridge Ink Scoop” where you can get ink with a ladle will also be held!

7. Midori
Decoration stamps that add color to your life. Fine patterns can also be pressed neatly, and you can enjoy coloring from above. In addition, we have a luxurious lineup such as transfer stickers.

At SAIEN, we will prepare a warm and cute “Chigiri-e masking sticker” that is perfect for decoration, a dull color sticker “Calty Neo”, and a new masking tape that is a little ahead of autumn.
The masking tape with perforations designed to match the theme of this time and the event-limited set products are also worth paying attention to!

9. “Local ink” large gathering!
A large collection of original fountain pen inks from popular stationery stores nationwide!
You don’t have to travel all the way to the store to get them at the “Stationery Women’s Expo Ink Time/Deco Time” venue! !

・ Nagasawa Stationery Center (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) “Kobe Ink” series
・TAG STATIONERY (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) “Kyoto Sound” Series
・Kawasaki Stationery Store (Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture) “Ogaki” local ink
・Pellepenna (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
“Glass Studio Hand Nyanpo Glass Pen” etc.

For more information on how to purchase advance admission tickets and information on vendors, please see the official stationery girl expo website.
[Official site]
[Official SNS] (Twitter) (Instagram)

What is “Stationery Women’s Expo”?

Japan’s largest stationery spot sale event for everyone who is particular about stationery. Long-established stationery manufacturers, up-and-coming new manufacturers, and stationery stores with a wide range of original products are all gathered together. Visitors can directly see and touch the stationery and purchase their favorite items on the spot. In addition, MDS Co., Ltd. (President: Satoshi Tsuji) is participating as a co-sponsor.

Stationery Women’s Expo Executive Committee Secretariat
TEL: 03-4335-0874 (Weekdays 10:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00)

E-mail: (Contact: Oyama)

Company press release details (2022/09/07-15:18)

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