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The 2nd WAJIMA BIJOU Fountain Pen, the ultimate gem made possible by the power of jewels and the handiwork of lacquer masters – PR TIMES

■ “WAJIMA BIJOU Fountain Pen”
The second series following WAJIMA BIJOU Coral (pink) and Sapphire (blue), which was launched in December 2020.
“WAJIMA BIJOU Fountain Pen” is a lacquer-coated fountain pen that uses Wajima lacquer lacquer and maki-e techniques to fill the recesses (grooves) of the main body, and the surface is smooth and glossy by repeating coating and polishing many times. .
An attractive world view is expressed by combining the design and luster that evokes the image of jewels = bijou, and the stone words of jewels. The border, lid plug, and tail plug of the main body are finished using colored lacquer, mother-of-pearl, and pure gold powder. Each jewel has a “stone language”, and this fountain pen has the power of that “stone language”.
Wajima lacquer lacquer craftsman Takuya Hino carefully applied lacquer and lacquer to each pen by hand. A serial number is placed on the lid gold ring with an original design, and a large 21K gold nib unique to Sailor Fountain Pen is installed. There are two colors: ruby ​​(red) and emerald (green). Only 300 of each color will be sold in Japan and overseas.

◆ What is “Wajima-nuri”?
Wajima-nuri is a type of lacquerware produced in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and its history is said to date back to the Heian period.
Wajima lacquerware is lacquered using the highest quality lacquer overcoat, and decoration techniques include chinkin and lacquer.
WAJIMA BIJOU is a fountain pen that expresses the image of jewels by making full use of these overcoating and maki-e techniques.







[Product specifications]
Product Name: WAJIMA BIJOU Fountain Pen Ruby/Emerald
Suggested retail price: 165,000 yen (body price 150,000 yen)
Character width: fine, medium
Nib: 21K gold, large size, bicolor finish
Lid/Body: PMMA resin/Colored lacquer layered and polished
Lid plug: PMMA resin / mother-of-pearl togidashi maki-e (sprinkled with pure gold powder)
Tail plug: PMMA resin / color lacquer-coated togidashi maki-e (pure gold powder)
Large tip: Brass/Gold IP finish/Nickel chrome plated finish
Metal parts: Gold IP finish, nickel-chrome plating finish
Body size: φ18×129mm (including clip), Shaft diameter: φ13mm, 30.6g
Package: Exclusive paulownia box (204 x 152 x 34mm)

[Inquiries regarding product handling]
User service: 0120-191-167 (toll-free)
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This is my first time trying out this service. Didn’t expect the delivery to be so fast! My daughter is …

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