The “bright red cover” that covers the traditional V8 engine is brilliant! Popular supercar “Corvette” introduces Japan limited edition model with “flame of passion” motif – VAGUE

With homage and respect to the original “Blue Flame”

General Motors Japan has announced the “Corvette Red Flame Series” as a special limited edition Corvette, which expresses the passionate spirit of American sports cars.

What kind of tailoring is this special limited edition car set in the “Corvette” coupe and convertible, which has been excitating motor fans around the world for more than 70 years?

Chevrolet Corvette Red Flame SeriesChevrolet Corvette Red Flame Series

The Chevrolet Corvette, which debuted in 1953, is the pinnacle of American sports cars that has continued to evolve in its own way.

The current model, the eighth generation, was unveiled in the United States in July 2019 and unveiled for the Japan first time at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 in January 2020. Delivery in Japan started in May 2021.

The biggest feature of the current model is that it uses a mid-engine layout for the first time in the history of the Corvette. In addition, the Japan specification cannot be overlooked that it is the first right-hand drive version of the “Corvette”.

The current Corvette achieves outstanding driving performance thanks to a 6.2-liter V8 engine with 502 horsepower placed behind the driver. In addition, it has been highly evaluated for its unprecedented new level of performance, such as ease of handling in everyday use, and the highest level of operability and comfort.

The “Red Flame Series” announced this time uses an edge-red engine cover that colors the traditional V8 engine in bright red. It embodies the passionate passion for driving that resides at the heart of the Corvette.

This bright red engine cover is a tribute and respect to the fact that the engine cover of the first “Corvette”, which was painted in a characteristic blue, was called “Blue Flame”.

In addition, this limited edition model is equipped with the “Engine Appearance Package” as a special equipment that further emphasizes the presence of the V8 engine “LT2”.

As a result, the coupe is laid out with a visible carbon fiber decorative panel that surrounds the engine, while the convertible is equipped with an engine bay panel with a clear window that allows you to catch a glimpse of the engine when the roof is opened and closed. Both are the first packages to be installed in the Japan Corvette, so you can enjoy the beautiful “Red Flame Engine”.

Two exterior colors are available: the Red Mist Metallic Tint Coat with black racing stripes and the black Carbon Flash Metallic, which is the first to be used in Japan.

The Red Mist Metallic Tint Coat features a deep red color unique to tint coats and features full-length dual racing stripes that symbolize the Corvette’s glorious track performance.

From the carbon flash paint wheels, which are exclusive to the limited edition model, the brake calipers colored in edge red attract the eye, expressing the passion for driving that has been passed down.

The interior color is “Natural Dipped”, which contrasts beautifully with the crimson body color. The high-quality GT2 seats upholstered in nappa leather are paired with black aluminum trim from the Stealth Interior Trim Package to create a luxurious, high-performance cockpit that comfortably wraps the driver and passenger.

On the other hand, “Carbon Flash Metallic,” which will be used for the first time in Japan, is an exterior color unique to the limited edition model that is different from conventional solid black, and has a beautiful shine unique to metallic paint.

On the undercarriage, the rims of the 20-spoke midnight gray forged aluminum wheels are decorated with red stripes, and together with the bright red brake calipers, create a special feeling unique to the “Red Flame Series”. Together with outstanding performance, it will lead the rider’s heart to an unprecedented uplift.

The interior of this one is made of full leather in bright red “Adrenaline Red Dipped”, which is a tribute to the first generation “Corvette”. The competition bucket seats are accented with black accents in the Stealth Interior Trim Package, highlighting their fearless and sophisticated personality.

* * *

“The Corvette Red Flame Series has two outfits for each coupe and convertible. A total of 40 special models in four versions, limited to Japan, are priced at 17.4 million yen including consumption tax for the coupe and 18.9 million yen for the convertible.

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