The German watch “ZEPPELIN” will release a BOX set of the “100th Anniversary Series” of gray leather belts, which is based on the image of an airship aircraft, on March 16th (Wednesday)! –PR TIMES

A wristwatch “Zeppelin” that honors the achievements of German historic airships.
From your wristwatch, you can enjoy the world view, reminiscent of the elegant journey of an airship.
The “100th Anniversary Series” is a collection that is loved by many as a best-selling model.

The “100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph” features a two-tone dial, commonly known as a panda color.
It is so popular that it will become a bestseller soon after its launch in 2020.

“Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME” will be on March 16th (Wednesday) with a collection that uses gray, which is the image of the color of the airship’s body, even with the belt, while keeping the design of the “100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph”. Limited release. In addition, during the period, customers who purchase ZEPPELIN watches at the target stores will receive a spare belt to choose from. In addition to popular series and best-selling models, we also have a large number of high-spec models that are extremely popular overseas, so please stop by.

The “100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME Limited Set” is a gray crocodile embossed calf leather belt inspired by the color of the airship’s body, and a simple yet glossy dark brown smooth calf leather. A special set of belts.
By changing the belt, you can enjoy two different facial expressions.

The dial uses a galvanized metallic ivory dial, and the gray sub-dial tightens the watch design.

Wearing a luxurious and dressy sex appeal, it has a classic look that is easy to coordinate with both suit and casual styles.

* Galvanic processing: Processing in which ions are transferred from the solution to the dial over time by immersing it in a solution exposed to electricity. This completes a discerning galvanic dial that faithfully reproduces the body color of the airship.

“100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME Limited Model” Product Details

1. Classic colors and designs inspired by airships
Adopted a gray crocodile embossed leather belt that imaged the color of the airship Zeppelin.
The shape of the entire watch is also designed to draw a soft arch on the glass, dial, and case, in the image of the body shape.

2. “100 Jahre” written on the dial
The dial is engraved with the “100 Jahre” logo, which means “100th anniversary” in German, to assert its identity.

3. Galvanic dial with unique depth
To faithfully reproduce the color of the airship, the dial is immersed in an electrically exposed solution.
Ions are transmitted from the solution to the dial over time, completing the special galvanic dial.



Germany’s proud “Zeppelin airship”

1900 Germany. Rigid airship developed by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.
The success of this design has enabled high-speed flight and larger airships, marking the beginning of an era in which airships can be used as a means of air transportation. The Zeppelin airship was also praised as the world’s most luxurious air travel and captivated people all over the world. In particular, the success of “LZ 127” such as going around the world is said to be “a feat that no one can achieve in 100 years” and is still being handed down.

Release Overview ■ Series: 100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME Limited Set
■ Product number: 4686-5
■ Price: ¥ 49,500 (tax included) ¥ 45,000 (tax excluded)
■ Sales period: March 16th (Wednesday) -March 29th (Tuesday) * 14 days during the ZEPPELIN POP UP FAIR period at the target stores
■ Sales location: Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME
2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Hankyu Men’s Tokyo B1F
TEL: 03-6252-5448
■ Special site:

4686-5 ¥ 49,500 (tax included) ¥ 45,000 (tax excluded)4686-5 ¥ 49,500 (tax included) ¥ 45,000 (tax excluded)

4686-5 ¥ 49,500 (tax included) ¥ 45,000 (tax excluded)4686-5 ¥ 49,500 (tax included) ¥ 45,000 (tax excluded)

Case diameter 42 mm / Quartz / Water resistant to 5 bar / Calf leather (gray / brown) / Stainless steel / 12-hour counter chronograph (elapsed time measurement) / Tachymeter (speed measurement) / Telemeter (distance measurement)
Fair overview ■ Sales location: Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME
2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Hankyu Men’s Tokyo B1F
TEL: 03-6252-5448
■ Period: March 16th (Wednesday) -March 29th (Tuesday)
■ Purchase privilege: When you purchase a ZEPPELIN watch, you will receive a spare belt that you can choose from 7 types.

* Applies to all ZEPPELIN models
* Ends as soon as it runs out


Features of “100th Anniversary Series”

7620-1 ¥ 396,000 (tax included) ¥ 360,000 (tax excluded)7620-1 ¥ 396,000 (tax included) ¥ 360,000 (tax excluded)

The “100th Anniversary Series” is a best-selling series commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the airship Zeppelin.

Zeppelin’s synonymous collection continues to be a bestseller even after its 100th anniversary.

The global flagship model is a masterpiece that has passed the rigorous accuracy test of the Glashütte Observatory in Germany and has acquired the “chronometer”.
The overseas flagship model is a 360,000 yen chronometer.
It has won numerous awards in Europe, including Germany.
In Japan, demand is gathering for the under 100,000 yen lineup, so in Japan we are mainly developing fashion watches that match the Japanese market.

7620-1 ¥ 396,000 (tax included) ¥ 360,000 (tax excluded)7620-1 ¥ 396,000 (tax included) ¥ 360,000 (tax excluded)

100th Anniversary Series Chronometer Sternwalde Glashütte 7620-1 ¥ 396,000 (tax included) ¥ 360,000 (tax excluded)


A quality-first German watch with an airship motif.

① A quirky design inspired by an airship
Inspired by the airship’s body, the dome glass, cylinder dial, and zeppelin-shaped case are each designed with a curved design that draws a soft arch. Therefore, you can enjoy different facial expressions depending on the refraction of light.

(2) Quality and quality that is particular about basic performance
While embodying the quality of a German watch, it is highly evaluated for its cost performance.

③ Harmony with various styles
Zeppelin watches are said to be attractive because they are easy to match with various styles, from suits to office casual watches. A dressy timepiece that can come in handy regardless of whether it is on or off.


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We have the largest market share in the import and wholesale of overseas brand products (* according to our research).
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Italy’s “FURLA” “VERSACE” “SPINNAKER”, England’s “HENRY LONDON” “TED BAKER”, Germany’s “ZEPPELIN” ” I am the sole agent in Japan for the watch field, such as “DUFA” and “TIMEX” in the United States. In addition, as a manufacturer, we are developing a large number of brands with a wide range of business models, such as developing “ANGEL HEART”, “ANGEL CLOVER” and “PELLE MORBIDA”.

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