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The limited edition of “NANGA x Lamy Safari” was a pleasant work that made me want to touch it semi-permanently, so I repo | GetNavi web GetNavi

NANGA, which has been producing exciting brand collaborations in rapid succession, has recently released the most crazy products. It is a fountain pen + sleeping bag in collaboration with the classic fountain pen “LAMY Safari”. I actually bought it, so let’s make an impression.

What does a fountain pen + sleeping bag mean?

This product “NANGA LAMY MINI SLEEPING BAG + SAFARI SET” is a set of Lamy’s safari and Nanga’s sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is not an actual size sleeping bag, but a miniature version.

↑ The fountain pen is also awesome

The pen case-sized sleeping bag has the logos of both brands on it, giving it a collaborative feel, which makes me feel awkward. The base seems to be the MINI SLEEPING BAG PHONE CASE that can store smartphones and sunglasses, but the details are quite different. The color lineup is also different, and 6 colors are available in addition to the orange in the photo. A safari of the same color system is attached (excluding some).

God dwells in the details.

Even though there is a base model and a miniature version, the passion and commitment to detail was unusual!

First of all, its feel. It feels so good that you can touch it semi-permanently. It’s like a fidget spinner a long time ago, and just by munimuni, your hands and fingers will be happy. Even if you write a lot and abuse the safari, it will forgive you if it is stored in this.

Next is the structure. A belt on which the pen can be hooked is installed inside so that the pen can be fixed. There is also a carabiner on the back, so you can attach it to your bag and show it as a one-point item for your belongings.

However, the strap at the neck of the sleeping bag does not have a shape that closes the mouth completely, so be careful not to let the stored pen pop out. It is safer to carry it in a bag-in-bag that stores stationery.

The fountain pen is also engraved with the Nanga logo, giving it a special design. The calm matte color is impressive.

I can’t control the feeling of wanting to write outdoors↑ Compatibility with black bags ◎

Fountain pens are basically indoor stationery. In the study or office, “write” while concentrating on the desk. But when the essence of Nanga is added, that restriction is lifted. I want to write the natural breeze and light outdoors while feeling the warmth.

This product will provide an opportunity to come up with new ideas and experiences.

The price is 7700 yen (tax included), Ramie Newman Yokohama store, Ramie Japan official online store, NANGA online shop, Loft net store, Loft Ikebukuro store, Shibuya store, Umeda store, Sapporo store, Kichijoji store, Yokohama store, Sendai store, Available in limited quantities at Chiba, Tenjin, Kyoto, and Ginza stores.


● Refill: Cartridge LT10 / Converter LZ28

● Fountain pen body: ABS resin, pen tip is steel (dual-use type)

● Mini sleeping bag

Fabric: 10 × 10D RIPSTOP NYLON

Batting: Duck down 90-10%

*: The pen tip of the fountain pen is EF only for the gray x pink set, and F for the others.

Yuki Yamada, Editor-in-Chief of GetNavi web, is developing “Introduction of Favorite Items” on Instagram. It is up about 2-3 times a week.

You can buy Luxury Brand Watches safely and ship securely through Personal Shopper Japan buying service.

Please let us know which item do you need, then we can send you the quote and you can start the secured shopping.

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