The long-awaited masterpiece of fans is reprinted in Japan limited edition! 【ROCKPORT】New product faithfully reproducing the hit model “OPEN ROAD TACONIC” of the 2000s will be released from March 24 (Fri)|Press release from Marubeni Footwear Co., Ltd.

ROCKPORT (Rockport Shoe General Distributor: Marubeni Footwear Co., Ltd.), an American leather shoe brand that is used in more than 70 countries around the world, was a big hit with the American casual fashion boom of the early 2000s and became the forerunner of leather sneakers that could be used both on and off, and the masterpiece “OPEN ROAD A reprint model that faithfully reproduces “TACONIC” will be on sale for both men and women from Friday, March 24, 2023.

“OPEN ROAD TACONIC” debuted at Japan in 2001. With a high-quality leather upper, impressive stitching design, and outstanding walking comfort realized by the technology cultivated through many years of making walking shoes, it is a masterpiece that became a record hit in the American casual trend of the time. However, production was discontinued after only four years. Since then, we have received requests from many fans for resale.

The new product to be sold this time faithfully reproduces the model of that time. It is a reprint model that approaches the same specifications as at that time, including the texture and comfort of leather, design, and manufacturing method. The sophisticated upper that can be used both on and off and the comfortable comfort of a walking shoe are timeless designs that fit even after nearly 20 years. In addition to the original color range with burnish (charred design), which was the best-selling model at the time, white leather and grace suede models arranged to match modern street fashion will also be released. It is a product lineup that can be appealed not only to those who miss the first model, but also to the younger generation who do not know the model at that time.

【Commitment to design】 Both on and off. Style-up design and comfortable wearing

・ Highly comfortable last (wooden mold) that fits the feet of Japan people

・ Stitching pattern for a visually stylish impression

The “OPEN ROAD TACONIC” features the last of the casual categories in Rockport with a particularly comfortable and spacious design.
In general, it is said that the feet are wider than Westerners Japan but it is a specification that feels “easy to wear”.

The stitching design, which draws a characteristic curve from the instep to the toe, has a visual effect that makes the toes look tapered. Even if it is loose and comfortable, it gives a sharp impression and is designed to style your feet.


【Commitment to quality】 Reproduction by fusion of craftsmanship and science and technology. Quality called “masterpiece”

・ “You want to take care of it” Leather upper with moderate hardness and suppleness

・ Hand-sewn finish to improve heel stability

・ A manufacturing method used in running shoes to increase the flexibility of the forefoot

• Fiberglass shank to reduce sole twisting

In order to faithfully reproduce the leather upper used in the first model of the 2000s, we carefully selected leather from tanners (leather manufacturers) that were closer to the quality of the time. We use leather that combines moderate hardness, “strain”, and flexibility. By taking care of it, you can enjoy the change in the texture of the leather, and the quality of the shoes themselves is finished so that they can be used for a longer time.
Like the first generation, the reprint model to be released this time uses a method called “San Crispino” in which the upper leather around the heel and the bottom material of the shoe are sewn by craftsmen one by one to improve the stability of the heel when walking. In addition, the forefoot uses the “Strobel” manufacturing method, in which the upper and bottom material are sewn in a bag shape. This is a manufacturing method used in running shoes, etc., and achieves a smoother walking movement by increasing the flexibility of the sole of the foot. The lightweight fiberglass shank built into the midsole reduces twisting and distortion of the shoe during walking motion, supporting a more correct posture.

【Commitment to color】 First model color and latest trend color

・ The hit antique-like “burnish” color

・ Colors that match street fashion and are conscious of modern trends

Black, brown, and brandy, which were also sold as the original model colors, were burnished with a slight charred toe to give them a more luxurious antique look. In addition, white leather and grace suede in line with modern fashion trends are introduced for the first time. Even younger users who have not been exposed to models from the 2000s are designed to be easy to style as street fashion items.


Selling price : 17,600 yen (tax included)
Product Number/Color : RPL-ML0001W/Black Burnish, RPL-ML0002W/Brandy Burnish
RPL-ML0003W/Brown Burnish, RPL-0005W/Grace Suede
RPL-ML00007W/White Leather
Size : 24.5cm – 28.0cm
Upper Material: Natural leather (cow)

Sole material : Ethylene vinyl acetate, rubber
Release Date : Friday, March 24, 2023

OPEN ROAD TACONIC WOMEN’S[Instead of reducing the size of the men’s model, we have adopted a last (wooden mold) designed exclusively for women. ]】

Selling price : 17,600 yen (tax included)
Product number/color : RPL-ML0015W/Black Burnish, RPL-ML0016W/Brown Burnish
RPL-ML0017W/Brandy Burnish, RPL-0018W/White Leather
RPL-ML00020W/Grace Suede

Size : 22.0cm – 24.5cm
Upper Material: Natural leather (cow)
Sole material : Ethylene vinyl acetate, rubber

Release Date : Friday, March 24, 2023
ROCKPORT Official Online Store, ROCKPORT LaLaport Yokohama Store, ROCKPOPT Keio Department Store Shinjuku

ROCKPORT Seibu Ikebukuro ROCKPORT Matsuya Ginza
Some other dealers
[For Rockport’s latest shoes, please visit the official website]Official Online Store
Official Instagram @rockport_jp (

What is the leather shoe brand “ROCKPORT”?

―Boston-born shoe manufacturer ROCKPORT began in 1971 when founder Bruce Katz developed and sold a comfortable and revolutionary shoe with a leather shoe upper sewn into the outsole of a sneaker, with the goal of “making the world’s most comfortable leather shoes.” Since its founding, under the brand philosophy of “providing comfortable comfort and style without compromise”, in 1983 it became the first shoe manufacturer to be certified by the American Association of Podiatrists (APMA), and later launched the world’s first walking shoes, the “ProWalker®” collection.
―Business shoes that can run 42.195km―
The then vice president wore the brand’s iconic DresSports® business shoe and completed the New York Marathon. Even today, we continue to create innovative shoes in various categories, such as developing pumps with high functionality and sophisticated designs, and are sold in more than 70 countries around the world.
―2021: 50th anniversary of brand birth and 2022 35th anniversary of brand Japan
“ROCKPORT” is a leather shoe brand that always incorporates the latest technology and design and has many fans all over the world. In 2021, the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary.
From the 2022 fall/winter season, under the brand message “LIFE IN MOTION “One step ahead, to more wonderful moments,” we will continue to provide comfortable wearing comfort and style that does not compromise.

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