The most powerful defender of all time is coming! New flagship Defender Octa limited to 220 units in Japan – VAGUE

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Jaguar Land Rover Japan has opened pre-orders for the all-new DEFENDER OCTA on March 26, 2024.

Defender's new flagship model, the new Defender’s new flagship model, the new “DEFENDER OCTA”

The Defender is synonymous with all-terrain models, which have been around since the Series 1 released in 1948. The current model is the second-generation model that appeared in 2020 and is available in three body styles: “90 (Ninety)”, “110 (One Ten)”, and “130 (One Thirty)”, and can ride up to eight people.

The new Defender Octa is the new flagship model of the Defender that will be introduced in 2024. In the Japan market, a limited edition of 220 units will be available in the first year.

Details such as specs have not yet been revealed, but according to the release, it is introduced as ‘the most powerful Defender ever equipped with a V8 twin-turbo mild hybrid gasoline engine.’

In addition, 6D dynamics air suspension is used for the first time as a Defender.

This hydraulically linked 6D dynamics technology features an innovative pitch and roll control system that keeps the vehicle in a near-horizontal position during on-road acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as maximizing individual wheel travel and erdiculation during demanding off-road driving, both on-road and off-road. It is said to deliver unparalleled driving ability, comfort and handling stability.

The name “OCTA” is inspired by the octahedral shape (octahedron) of the diamond to reflect the model’s luxurious character.

The new round diamond graphic symbolizes that this model is the flagship of the Defender. The graphic is used on a variety of interior and exterior components, with each signature graphic panel engraved with a gloss black diamond on machined and sandblasted titanium discs.


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