The worldwide “Skydiver Neptunian Automatic” orange dial watch is on sale in Japan as well! Available only at online stores from February 25 (Friday) | Press release of GM International Co., Ltd.

Swiss luxury watch brand is developing “Skydiver Neptunian Automatic” from the reprint collection “Skydiver” of military watches produced in secret at the request of the Swiss army. A new watch that is a modern reinterpretation of the 1973 archive piece manufactured for the elite parachute unit with its professional high-performance construction and stylish design.

And this time, the orange dial watch of “Skydiver Neptunian Automatic” developed in Edox around the world will be on sale from February 25, 2022 (Friday), especially in the Japanese online store.

The latest model that symbolizes watchmaking that pursues the toughness of Edox

The origin of the model name, “Neptune,” is the god of the sea in Roman mythology and is called “Poseidon” in Greek mythology. The most capricious and angry god of the 12 gods of Olympus, “Poseidon (= Neptune)” had a powerful power to rule the sea. It is said that ancient people pleaded with this sea god for a safe route before embarking on a voyage. When I change my mind, the smile suddenly turns into anger, and the horror of the sea does not change even in modern times.

Edox, which has been manufacturing watches for more than a century, has contributed to the development of waterproof watches by announcing the world’s first patented waterproof mechanism through extreme development that injects advanced technology, and supports people who are active on the sea stage. It has a history of coming. The model name “Neptunian” symbolizes the making of watches that pursue the toughness of Edox, and is named as a homage to those who face difficulties and adversity without escaping.

In terms of performance, it is the first in the Skydiver collection to have a high-performance saturated diving 1000m water resistance suitable for this concept. A ceramic bezel and 3mm thick sapphire crystal glass protect the surface of the watch.

Uses a highly scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic bezel

The movement is equipped with the precision Swiss-made EDOX caliber 80. As a modern arrangement, a bar-type index that gives a smart impression is adopted, and by applying Superluminova “X1”, readability in dark places such as underwater is ensured.

In addition, the case back is engraved with the motif of the sea god Neptune.

Expressing toughness with the motif of a god who is said to have the power to rule the sea

【Product Details】


209,000 yen (tax included) on sale

Self-winding, caliber EDOX80 / approx. 38 hours power reserve / waterproof 1000m / 316L stainless steel case / orange dial / case diameter 44mm / stainless steel bracelet / EDOX Japan official online store limited sale

[About Skydiver]

A design drawing was discovered in the Edox factory library. A sketch of the “Skydiver” watch, which was produced decades ago but has not been made public for a long time. The design picture of this archive piece was accompanied only by the words “1973 / Special Limited Production”, and there was no further information and it was a mystery. The craftsmen who used to work for Edox gradually revealed the background behind the birth of this watch. This “sky diver” is said to be a military watch secretly requested by a Swiss colonel. The Colonel wanted a special watch to give to his subordinate elite parachute members. He ordered a rugged watch from Edox that was exceptionally waterproof and could be used in any harsh environment “land, sea, air”, provided it was made in secret. Edox announced “Sky Diver” as a reprint collection to commemorate the 135th anniversary of its founding in 2019.

[About Edox]

A pocket watch designed and made by the talented watchmaker Christian Rufuri-Fleury to celebrate his wife’s 25th birthday. Impressed by the beauty of this gift, her wife encouraged her to launch her watch brand, and in 1884 she founded Edox in Biel / Bienne, Switzerland. The brand name is derived from the ancient Greek word meaning “time”, and the mark of the hourglass, which is the brand emblem, symbolizes “immortal”. We have been pursuing watchmaking since our founding, and we have released watches with excellent functions and performance such as the world’s first patented waterproof mechanism with high technology.

Watch maker with a history of more than 130 years

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