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The latest work of “Panda Color” Japanese limited model appears in Zeppelin with an airship motif

The “100th Anniversary Series” of the watch “Zeppelin”, which celebrates the achievements of German historic airships, is a collection loved by many as a best-selling model.

“Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME” will be held on March 16th (Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME) with the design of “100th Anniversary Series” to “Japan Limited Chronograph” as it is. Limited release on Wednesday).

The “100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph” features a two-tone dial, commonly known as a panda color. It is so popular that it will become a bestseller soon after its launch in 2020.

1. Classic colors and designs inspired by airships

Adopted a gray crocodile embossed leather belt that imaged the color of the airship Zeppelin. The shape of the entire watch is also designed to draw a soft arch on the glass, dial, and case, in the image of the body shape.

2. “100 Jahre” written on the dial

The dial is engraved with the “100 Jahre” logo, which means “100th anniversary” in German, and asserts its identity.

3. Galvanic dial with unique depth

To faithfully reproduce the color of the airship, the dial is immersed in an electrically exposed solution. Ions were transmitted from the solution to the dial over time, and the special galvanic dial was completed.

Product Summary

Series: 100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME Limited Set
Part number: 4686-5
Price: ¥ 49,500 (tax included)

Specifications: Case diameter 42 mm / Quartz / Water resistant to 5 bar / Calf leather (gray / brown) / Stainless steel / 12-hour counter chronograph (elapsed time measurement) / Tachymeter (speed measurement) / Telemeter (distance measurement)

Sale period: March 16th (Wednesday) -March 29th (Tuesday) * 14 days during the ZEPPELIN POP UP FAIR period at the target stores
Sales location: Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME

Related information: https://zeppelinwatch.jp/pickup/fortune-time_fair_2022-3/

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