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Toshiba 15.6 type notebook computer dynabook T75 satin gold (Office Home & Business Premium plus Office 365 service) PT75BGP-BJA2

¥ 119,759

■ glossy and beautiful body
T top panel design is molded Sometimes we adopted "Simultaneous decorative transfer method (IMR)" which holds a transfer film in a mold. A delicate line is depicted moderately and realizes a body that is not easily scratched while giving a glossy texture.

■ Chrome color hinge
Adopting mirror finish hinge cover. I designed the chrome hinge part as an accent.

■ Beautiful appearance on the keyboard side
Simple, beautiful and dust-resistant design, eliminating extra holes and gaps on the keyboard face. The gentle slope that continues from the palm rest to the keyboard makes you feel beautiful as a PC.

■ Reducing the failure rate and making it difficult to break
Minimize the number of parts used for PC with various simulation technologies and mounting techniques. By verifying and optimizing each small part, we improve the failure rate and mounting mistake and realize a PC that is not easily broken.

Intel Core i 7 x full HD x SSHD comfortable and 2 year warranty quality.

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お手伝いをアリガタイ!。また、宜しくお願いします。 …

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