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United Kingdom

Unparalleled Service

Date: September 22, 2020


Personal Shopper Japan proxy shopping service review title

  • Unparalleled Service


Where are you from, and what’s your name?

  • USA, Pete


What did you buy from Japan through our personal shopping service?

  • Sony MDR-100A Miku special edition headphones


Please tell us about your experience with personal shopper service

  • The service that Personal Shopper Japan provided for me is incomparable. The pair of Sony headphones that I wanted to get was Japan-exclusive, which meant that I was out of luck in purchasing them myself. Thanks to this company and their impressive delivery service however, I was able to obtain the headphones that I wanted. The delivery process was fast, fluid, and the headphones as well as the box that it came in arrived in perfect condition. I will definitely consider using your services again in the future.


From Personal Shopper Japan

  • Thank you very much for using our service and feedback !
    There’s a lot of Japan exclusive items, such as G-Shock, Bathing Ape (BAPE), Mastermind, be@rbrick, character goods, and many others.
    Most of them are hard to buy, but we can try to buy for you / reserve / pre order for you.
    We’re happy to buy for you in Japan and ship to you with Ninja Speed !

    Thank you very much,
    Ninja J


Customer Reviews

Just amazing!

Your service is just amazing!! Easy to contact, fast delivery, …

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