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Test drive Golf R 20th anniversary model

Volkswagen has long since shifted to BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and is on the way to enhancing the ID. series. The ID.4 was introduced in the Japan and the company is steadily moving toward BEVs.

That said, Volkswagen’s backbone is still the ICE (internal combustion engine model) Golf. And 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the introduction of R, the pinnacle of golf’s performance model, to Japan. A special edition was released to commemorate this. In addition to electrification, it is an expression of intent that “ICE is also doing what it is doing.”

Golf R 20th anniversary model. The body size is 4295×1790×1460mm (length ×width× height), wheelbase is 2620mm, and vehicle weight is 1540kgThe price is 7,928,000 yen, and the body color “Lapis Blue Metallic” of the test drive is 44,000 yen higher for a fee.The tires are Goodyear’s “Eagle F1 Super Sport”, and the size is 235/35R19 both front and rear.Blue brake calipers and 19-inch aluminum wheels are exclusive

The strongest model of all time of the R has a blue logo that subtly indicates that it is a 20th anniversary car, but even if it is not, it is immediately recognizable that it is the latest R model with a four-pronged titanium muffler, low ride height, large diameter 19-inch wheels, blue brake calipers peeking out from the wheels, and a large rear spoiler dedicated to R. Above all, the metallic blue is beautiful.

Akrapovic titanium dual exhaust pipes for exciting soundEquipped with a dedicated rear spoiler that enhances the exterior and generates downforce to improve driving stability.The B-pillar is casually decorated with the emblem “20” as a proof of the 20th anniversary model.In dark places, the “20R” logo is illuminated under your feet to welcome the owner.

In the interior, Napa leather seats with R logo and carbon trim tickle the heart. The tension of RECARO’s full bucket is good, but the napa leather is soft and comfortable to fit in.

The driving position is low and the position relationship with the small-diameter steering wheel is good. You can start running right away without any lectures. That’s the good thing about golf.

The seven-speed DCT has the characteristic slight slippery feel of a dual clutch, and accelerates with a direct feel after starting. The slight shifting shock is preferable because it has a mechanical aspect like R.

The powertrain is an inline 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo with intercooler that produces a maximum output of 245kW (333PS) at 5600-6500rpm and a maximum torque of 420Nm at 2100-5500rpm. A 7-speed DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) is combined.

The engine is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder direct-injection turbo that is the same as the normal R, but it is increased by 10 kW to 245 kW (333 PS), and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h according to catalog data is 4.6 seconds, which is a comma 1 second faster.

What is important is that the output of 10 kW has an effect on the engine feel. The Golf R’s engine is attractive for its high rigidity, which is pleasant even in urban areas, but in the limited edition car, it is even more powerful and extended, and I thought I found a good engine.

The maximum torque remains the same at 420Nm, and the rev range is slightly upward, but the slight difference is the sharpness of the entire engine.

Adaptive chassis control is entered through the center display. There is a hierarchy that owners can find immediately, and a 20th anniversary limited model exclusive mode is set. In addition to the conventional “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Race” and “Custom”, “Drift” and “Special” modes can be selected. The special is a mode that assumes driving on the Nürburgring and has a different story.

Furthermore, the drift mode changes the driving force of the 4WD system’s front, rear, left and right to allow drift to be free. Not only rallies, but also drift competitions that are popular in Europe can be easily (?) Enjoyable (?) It should. The drift control of the 4WD is quite interesting, but I will refrain from trying drift this time.

The suspension is tightened, and under the feet are special black wheels and a 19-inch Goodyear “Eagle F1 Super Sport”. Size 235/35R19 is worn.

The ride is more comfortable than you might expect from the low height tires. There is a thrust from below, but unlike the direct feel, the suspension feels like it is stroked while absorbing the unevenness of the road surface. If you select comfort mode, the damping force is weakened, and even on rough roads, the movement on the spring is exactly as comfortable as Yura Yura. You can enjoy the goodness of the Golf R even in this mode when you usually run, but the world of R makes you want to make it a little more crispy.

I tried a test drive on the winding road

In sports mode, the movement on the spring is tightened, and the feeling of unity with the car rises and feels good. The steering adopts a progressive gear ratio, and the angle changes between low and high speeds.

In parking, even if the steering amount is small, the tire angle is greatly cut, and at high speeds, it becomes dull. The driver has no discomfort at all, only a light feeling. Although the system is not limited to the Golf R, I had the impression that the Golf R, which has sharp characteristics, would match particularly well.

Since the steering adopts a progressive gear ratio, the cutting angle changes depending on the vehicle speed, but there is no discomfort at all.Special “Drift” and “Special” modes have been added.

Well, I have to try the special mode… When you select this, the exhaust note suddenly changes. A low, muffled sound echoes from the titanium four-stranded muffler, creating an atmosphere that seems to have torque. In particular, the unique sense of precision with little engine vibration is irresistible.

The accelerator was sharp, and if I stepped on it as it was, it would be infinitely fast, so I immediately returned the accelerator, but the temptation of how far I would go remained in the back of my mind.

A special mode that fully demonstrates the potential of the Golf R

The Golf R combines high stability by making full use of the driving force of the four wheels with precise turning force that allows the driver to turn according to his or her intentions. The fact that it bends casually with a small roll is enough to make me feel the deep potential, and that alone made me feel the happiness of driving the Golf R.

The Special Mode is certainly a mode that seems to bring out the full potential of the Golf R. If you have the opportunity to run on the circuit, you will be able to experience the unity with R to your heart’s content.

Tires with low height, but the ride is more comfortable than you imagine

And a large blue caliper peeking out from the wheel! The clicky feeling transmitted to the pedals is reliable. This is due to the high rigidity that runs through the entire Golf, the sense of security that is also protected, and the reason why it is possible to fine-tune by pedal force control in urban areas.

The Golf R 20th Anniversary Limited Edition not only powers up the engine and changes the 4-motion setting. It was the culmination of 20 years of attention to detail, such as weight reduction under springs. As time passes, you will be fascinated by the wrinkles and the deep world.

The Golf R 20th Anniversary Model was truly the culmination of 20 years.

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