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United Kingdom

Ward exclusive box set

Date: June 3, 2020


Personal Shopper Japan proxy shopping service review title

  • Ward exclusive box set


Where are you from, and what’s your name?

  • France, Barbara T.


What did you buy from Japan through our personal shopping service?

  • Stones


Please tell us about your experience with personal shopper service

  • Thank you for this new smooth and fast transaction for another japanese exclusive box set. Excellent service as usual!


From Personal Shopper Japan

  • Thank you very much for using our service many times and feedback !
    Hope you like your item again and we are happy to serve you again in near future again.

    Thank you very much,
    Ninja J


Customer Reviews

Great help!

I’ve used Ninja multiple times and they’ve always been super …


Ich habe schon des öfteren den Service hier genutzt und …

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