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Watches were once the luxury of the privileged class and the supreme craft. A rare art piece that reminds us of that fact is now attracting attention again. A collection of models whose arms are art museums.

Popular future watches become art

In the past, watches were luxury items of the privileged class, and luxury items were the supreme craftsmanship. The tradition is still alive and has become more vivid. Its presence is in the realm of art.

Moreover, you can enjoy its charm anytime, anywhere without having to store it carefully. Please invite your partner to such an art museum.

The art scene is booming, with contemporary art hitting all-time highs. The asset value is undeniable, but in the background, in a digital society that pursues rationality and efficiency, art is a different set of values, and there may be a desire to obtain real value that is not temporary. Watches are no exception.

Recently, traditional craft decorations created by craftsmanship called savoir-faire are attracting attention. There are only a limited number of brands and creators who can manufacture this, and the style beauty that makes full use of their ability and sense is captivating at a glance.

The rarity value of the limited number and the timeless presence are truly works of art. It will be the best asset formation for a popular future.

◆ Vacheron Constantin

The king of beasts, the lion, also reigns in the art world

“Métiers d’Art – Homage to Great Civilizations – Lion of King Darius” Automatic, 18KPG case (42 mm), alligator strap.Price not disclosed / Vacheron Constantin

The true value of the brand over its long history is also poured into the decoration of traditional techniques. This new model, which was born in partnership with the Louvre Museum, has a motif of the lion, the king of beasts, which symbolizes the king’s power in the Achaemenid Persian Empire. It is a gem.

◆ Harry Winston

The collaboration that colors the night sky is a traditional craft that Japan is proud of

“HW Midnight Yozora Automatic 42mm” self-winding, 18KWG case (42.5mm), alligator strap. Limited to 10 sets worldwide (set with a fountain pen of the same design). Limited sale at directly managed salons. 9.24 million yen / Harry Winston (Harry Winston Client Information)

The dial, which makes use of natural materials such as lacquer, mother-of-pearl work, and maki-e, and makes full use of traditional decorative techniques, was born from collaboration with Nakaya Fountain Pen, which is known for its high-end fountain pens. The time between the two of you will be intimate with the excitement of the night sky illuminated by the light emitted from the arch of the New York 5th Avenue flagship store.

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