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● Return value to users in a way that does not rely on crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been seen as a profitable path for many emerging brands to launch new products and realize projects. AMONG THOSE SUCCESSFUL EXAMPLES IS KARL-LEIMON. However, they showed the surprise of their decision not to use crowdfunding in their new challenge.

Until now, Carraymon has raised funds through crowdfunding to realize new products. Their success is underpinned by their unique approach and design, which has won the following of watch lovers. However, despite their success, they chose not to use crowdfunding to create a new watch.

The new Majesty is the result of Carraymon’s challenge to deliver high-quality mechanical sports watches at an affordable price. They developed this new game without crowdfunding and making the most of their own resources.

Two models: a model with date (left) and an open heart (right)Two models: a model with date (left) and an open heart (right)

Now, let’s start with the design of “Majesty”. What stands out at first glance is the three-dimensional case with a round form and octagonal design layered. The combination of polish and streaks creates a beautiful detail.

In addition, the polished multi-sided diamond-cut applied indexes and the vertical brushed applied logo express a condensed sense of luxury at the same time as sportiness.

Unlike the quartz triple calendar moon phase “Majesty” released in 2020, it has been reborn as a mechanical type. It uses the Japan high-beat movements “Cal.9015” and “Cal.9029”, which are proof of high-performance watches. The high beat, which means that it vibrates 28,800 times per hour (1 second 8 times), reduces the swing width of the second hand and dramatically increases the accuracy of the watch.

In addition to the date model at 6 o’clock, there is also an open heart model with a delicate movement. Both the standard blue dial and the high quality are difficult to choose.

Limited edition full black model that was well received in the quartz modelLimited edition full black model that was well received in the quartz model
-Limited release of the full black model, which was popular in the previous work

In addition, the interchangeable specification often seen in recent rugspo is also adopted. You can change the breath with a single touch without tools, and you can enjoy both metal and rubber straps. Breath for business, rubber straps on off days, etc., it is really convenient to be able to freely change it according to your lifestyle.

The most noteworthy thing is that the limited edition full black model, which was popular in the previous Majesty, will appear again this time.

“When we released it at Makuake, the 100 limited edition all-black products were sold out within 24 hours, so we planned it again in response to strong requests from customers who wanted to resell it.”

So, you can see how popular it is. The limited edition models are limited to 99 pieces of “ALL BLACK 3HANDS AUTOMATIC” and “ALL BLACK OPEN HEART AUTOMATIC” serial numbers, respectively.

By the way, the price here is 72,600 yen ~ (consumption tax included, first come, first served price of 30 bottles). Judging from the finish and movement, I have the impression that the price is quite low, but when I asked why, I was passionate about dedicating it to watch fans.

“In recent years, the development of technology has made it possible to carve out complex shapes without the processing capacity of ultra-high-end brands at that time. Therefore, with the desire to realize a mechanical full-scale sports steel watch at under 100,000, we also cut the crowdfunding store opening fee and realized that we wanted to provide a classic sports watch at a price that satisfies our customers.”

The release date (pre-order sales start) is Monday, September 25, 2023. Even if you are not a fan, it will be a fun one.

●Product Details
・Material: Stainless steel
・Case size: diameter 40mm, thickness 9.8mm
・Weight: Approx. 145g
Glass: Sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating
・Movement: Japan mechanical movement MIYOTA Cal.9015, MIYOTA Cal.9029
・Water resistance: 5 ATM

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