Writing Instruments Series on the Theme of the World’s Traditional Tea Culture “World Tea time ♯3 Moroccan Mint Tea” Fountain pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pen inks|Sailor Fountain Pen Co., Ltd. press release

■ “World Tea time ♯3 Moroccan Mint Tea”

World Tea Time ♯3, a series of writing instruments themed on the world’s traditional tea culture, is Moroccan Mint Tea.

It is customary to drink mint tea on a daily basis in Morocco.

It is a tea made by adding mint to green tea, extracting it, and adding sugar if you like. When entertaining guests, metal pots “Beled” and glasses with exotic patterns “Keesan” are often used.

The lineup consists of six types: three fountain pens, two ballpoint pens, and one fountain pen bottle ink.

It is a writing instrument with the motif of culture itself, including not only drinks but also tea utensils.


Coloring motifs

【Royal Moroccan Embassy Presentation Ceremony】

We presented “World Tea time Moroccan Mint Tea” fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and fountain pen ink to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Japan.

A total of six types of this product (3 types of fountain pens, 2 types of ballpoint pens, and 1 type of fountain pen ink) were presented to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Japan, which supervised the motif of this product, Moroccan Mint Tea.

Ambassador Rashad Buhlal, who usually uses fountain pens, enjoyed the writing feel of the 21-karat gold nib and original ink achieved by the unique technology of Sailor fountain pens, and expressed his joy, saying, “I can’t believe that there is such a development from mint tea.”


【Earthquake Support for the Kingdom of Morocco】

On the occasion of the earthquake that occurred in the Kingdom of Morocco on September 8, 2023,

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the many people affected by the disaster.

As emergency support for the earthquake disaster, “World Tea time #3 Moroccan Mint Tea”

We have decided to donate a part of the proceeds to the Kingdom of Morocco.

We hope to contribute to reconstruction support activities as much as possible.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to return to a peaceful life and a daily life where you can spend tea time as soon as possible.

◆Details of support

Applicable products: All products in the “World Tea time #3 Moroccan Mint Tea” series

Period: From the release date of the target product

Details of donation: Part of the sales price of the target product

Recipient: Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Japan

【Product Specifications】

【Inquiries regarding product handling】

User Services : 0120-191-167 (toll-free)

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