ZEPPELIN has released the long-awaited new 10 Japan 0 YEARS ZEPPELIN JAPAN LIMITED CHRONOGRAPH.

Germany, early 20th century. The “Zeppelin airship” that created the “era of airlift”. The “100 YEARS ZEPPELIN JAPAN LIMITED CHRONOGRAPH” is a limited edition model with the theme of “craftsmanship” of German craftsmen who pushed forward with this glorious technological revolution.


Set in a historic factory in Lula, Germany, it is carefully manufactured by skilled craftsmen who are proud of their manufacturing history.

Equipped with a tachymeter on the bezel and a telemeter in the dial, it is designed stylishly while being high definition.

The rounded airship-shaped case, cylinder dial, and dome glass are integrated, and you can enjoy a unique three-dimensional expression due to the refraction of light.

Based on the best-selling model of the Centennial series, this is a new Zeppelin classic with a modern update.

Also for everyday use and telework.

In the past few years, our lifestyles have changed. It snuggles up to your careless arm and adds the dignity of a German product.

Also for suit style.

It is easy to match with formal occasions and setup styles, and the easy-to-use size and reflection are attractive.

■Gift campaign

From June 22 to July 23, a fair will be held where those who purchase a Zeppelin watch can receive a ballpoint pen from the German writing instrument manufacturer “LAMY”.


German Poyntech

Pointeck CEO Natalie BurkePointeck CEO Natalie Burke


Quartz / Stainless Steel / Calf Leather / Waterproof for Daily Life / 30 Minute and 12 Hour Chronographs / 24-Hour Display / Tachymeter / Telemeter / Case Size W42mm×H42mm

■Product Overview

8892-2 ¥69,300(tax included) ¥63,000(tax excluded)

8892-2 ¥69,300(tax included)8892-2 ¥69,300(tax included)

8892-1 ¥69,300(tax included) ¥63,000(tax not included)

8892-1 ¥69,300(tax included)8892-1 ¥69,300(tax included)

【What is ZEPPELIN】

A German watch with an airship-based design.
A watch brand founded in 1987 near Munich, Germany. It is a brand that fuses a classical design inspired by Germany’s proud airship Zeppelin with the quality-first principle typical of German watches. It is sold in about 35 countries, including Germany, Europe, and the United States.

【Sole Japan Import Agent: About Ueni Trading】

A fashion trading company that handles brands such as watches and fashion accessories.
Based on the achievements and know-how cultivated as an import trading company, we have expanded the business of Japan authorized distributors and original brands.
While serving as the sole agent Japan of “Timex” from the United States, “Furla (watch)”, “Versace (watch)”, “Spinniker”, “Hydrogen (watch)” and “Humblerich” from Italy, “Zeppelin”, “Adidas Originals (watch)” and “Duffa” from Germany, “Henry London” and “Ted Baker (watch)” from the United Kingdom, etc. We plan and develop Angel Heart, Angel Clover, and Pelle Morbida, and many brands with a wide range of business models.

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