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Our Charge

Our charge is 10% of the total item cost. The minimum charge is 1500YEN.

Professional protection repacking service is included in our charge.



10% of the total item cost Our charge is 10% of the item cost, with a minimum = 1500 YEN.

Upfront pricing with no hidden fees You can see all charges we need on this page.

Discount available. Our charge is discounted to 6% for over 100000 YEN purchase.


Our charge is 10%, minimum charge = 1500 YEN.

Table Detail

case name
Our Charge example
  • Cost of items total
  • Charge Calculation
  • Our Charge Total

Example A-1

normal case
10% of the item cost buying more than 15000YEN
  • 37800 YEN
  • 37800 x 10% = 3780 YEN
  • 3780 YEN (10%)

Example A-2

low price items
1500 YEN (minimum) item price is under 15000YEN
  • 5600 YEN
  • 5600 x 10% = 560 < 1500 YEN
  • 1500 YEN (minimum charge)

Example A-3

multiple stores
10% + Minimum Charge for example, 2 stores
  • 17000 + 3600 = 20600 YEN
  • 17000 x 10% + 1500 YEN
  • 3200 YEN (1500 +10%)

Discount, additional charge, complicated case.

Table Detail

case name
Our Charge example
  • Cost of items total
  • Charge Calculation

  • Our Charge Total

Example B-1

Over 100000 YEN
6% of the item cost discount for over 100000 YEN
  • 142000 YEN
  • 142000 x 6% = 8520 YEN
    Discount applied and our charge is 6%.
  • 8520 YEN (discounted)

Example B-2

Buy many items
10% + additonal charge buy many items
  • 500 YEN x 20 = 10000 YEN
  • 1500 YEN + 2000 YEN
    "many items charge" 2000 YEN for this case.
  • 3500 YEN

Example B-3

Complicated Case
Contact Us We'll Send You Estimation shortly
  • Contact Us
  • Contact us with request form. We'll calculate the charge and reply.
  • Estimation is Free.


item cost

Additional Information

税込 means Tax Inclusive.
税抜 means Tax Exclusive.

We’ll use Tax Inclusive price to calculate our charge.

Shipping Cost

Additional Information

送料無料 means free domestic shipping cost, and most of the stores has this discount option for over a certain amount of purchase.

Our Charge

Additional Information

Our charge is 10% of the total item cost, and the minimum charge is 1500YEN.

Discounted rate (6%) available for over 100,000 YEN purchases in one store.

Standard protection repacking cost is already included in our charge.

Optional Service Charge

Customs Declaration Modification

+1000 YEN per 1 box.

We can declare as you say, for example, declare lower value for your items.

Please note that insurance can cover till the declared value.

Pre-Order Charge

Order Pre-order items for you.

1500 YEN per item(within around 30 days)

for over 30 days, there will be an additional cost, depends on the item price and how long till the release date.

Many Items Charge

Buy many items (around 8 items.) will need additional cost,because human must check all items are OK / repack requires additional time. (depends on item price. for Cheaper items,  many items charge will be higher than expensive items.) around + 1000 YEN  (dependent upon item price, quantity)

Staff Travelling Charge

Travel cost charges will be applied if staff is required to physically go to the store/department to purchase your goods.

Staff Travel charge = Start from 5000 YEN, depends on the place, date, how many items, items price.

Buying in concert venue will be different cost, because not just travel, but have to be in the queue and buy the items, and we have to set schedule along with concert schedule time table. (around over 20000 YEN per 1 concert)

Take Picture of the Item

+500 YEN per 1 picture

Take picture of the item and send it to you (digital data)

Quick Handling

 Quick handling: +1500 YEN per 1 request

Usually, it takes around 3-5 days to ship out the item after we’ve received your item, but we’ll handle your item quickly and repack / ship within few days. (only available for normal items)

Add Extra Packaging

+ 300 – +1000 YEN per 1 item Add more bubble wrap, padding/foam for protection (our standard packaging is already adequate but extra protection is added for some heavier items)

Ticket Reservations / Purchases

Tickets are hard to find sometimes and need to go to the convenience store to issue/purchase these tickets. Also, time schedule is tight sometimes, so we have to handle these requests with high priority. Therefore, we will need to add a 3000 YEN charge for ticket requests. start from 3000 YEN per request, depends on tickets/requests.


Other special items (custom-made items/adult items / big items etc…) will incur additional charges.

Please ask about these charges when you place your request.

International Shipping Cost

International shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and country.
Includes Tracking Number and Basic Insurance.

We can tell you international shipping cost after received the item and repacked, because no one knows weight of the item before repack.

For shipping, you can choose the shipping method from 3 options.

EMS (Express with tracking number)
Normal Air (under 2kg, fair speed, and cost)
SAL (Cheapest, but not recommended)

There will be a 1000 YEN charge for Normal Air / SAL because 99% of our customers use EMS as a shipping method.

Standard Paypal Fee

Your payment will be processed securely by PayPal.

Standard Paypal Fee (4% of the total cost + 40 YEN)


Paypal will take the PayPal fee per 1 transaction.

You can pay our invoice with your credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.


We can accept bank wire transfer payments also.

The Bank admission charge will be around 6000 YEN from your bank to our bank in Japan.


As PayPal takes 4% of the total transaction amount, we recommend using a bank wire transfer above 87500 YEN purchase.




Optional Service Charge

International Shipping Cost

Standard Paypal Fee


You can check the cost before sending us a request with an online automatic estimation system.

Please send us a message and check the actual cost through our request form.