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David.H, Snowboard gear
David.H, Snowboard gear
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I recommend PSJ!! I had a great experience with PSJ.

Ordered about $700 worth of snowboard gear from Rakuten through them. Retail prices are too high for these products and Rakuten had last year's models at deep discounts. Communication was excellent, prices and shipping were very fair and prompt.

I'd use PSJ again, no hesitation. Thank You!

Joy, Wrist Watch
Joy, Wrist Watch
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Helpful N Reliable.

The service is fast and reliable. The staff at Personal Shopper Japan answered almost immediately to every question and cleared out each and every doubt I had, no matter the time I wrote to them: I loved communicating with you guys!

Thank you again, the watch arrived in perfect condition.

Eloise, Blouse
Eloise, Blouse
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Ninja J is amazing.

They tracked down a designer blouse for me that was sold out in my size in Australia months ago. It arrived today in pristine condition!

Their communication is quite impressive - fast, professional and comprehensive at all times.

I will be using Nina J again.

Mauricio.R , SJX glitter gold bracelet
Mauricio.R , SJX glitter gold bracelet
Hong Kong
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The best as always.

I know Ninja for long years (maybe more than 10 years).

First time I spend more than USD1k... Product was actually a gold 18k bracelet.

No problem at all, Ninja is the man and super efficient in communication.

Always and highly recommended!


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Timely 2

The Bandai Toys are ordered specially for my kid’s birthday. the personal

5 star service!

Amazing service, communication and efficiency. They managed to track down a top


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