Ask Question, Negotiation, and sending a message service in Japanese

We can send any message to the seller in Japanese for you.

We can ask questions, negotiate, and request the seller on Yahoo auction, mercari, rakuma, and any other shopping site in perfect Japanese.

Popular Auction, P2P selling, and shopping websites in Japan

The most popular auction in Japan is “Yahoo Auction” or (in Japanese) “ヤフオク!

There’s no other big auction site, so they are the only online auction service in japan auction proxy.

The most popular P2P selling site in Japan is “mercari” or (in Japanese) “メルカリ

And there 2nd one is “rakuma” or (in Japanese) “ラクマ

Yes, we know eBay very well, but unfortunately,

eBay is NOT popular in Japan, so you cannot find a good deal on eBay.

Message Examples of shopping in Japan

Typical Messages for the shopping in Japan

You would like to know these common problems when you are trying to buy an item in Japan.

Ask Discount of the item

Send a message to the seller

What’s the condition of the item?

When can you ship?

Is it the model I’m looking for?

Can you add more pictures?

You don’t need to waste your time with the Japanese language barrier. With our Message sending service, you can start shopping without worrying.

Our Charge for message sending service

minimum 1500 YEN

Translate into Japanese we'll translate your English message in Perfect Japanese and send.

We are highly educated native Japanese speakers. So our message will be the best communication with the seller.

Get reply in English We'll translate the seller's reply in English for you.

We'll translate the reply in Japanese into English. In this way, you can communicate with seller in English.

We cannot change the message you’d like to send to the seller after we’ve sent to them, so please tell us what you’d like to ask, negotiate, message carefully.

How messaging service Works

Easy steps to send the message to the seller in Japan and start shopping.

Please send us a request with the request form.

URLs of the website, Instagram, twitter will be helpful.
and tell us what message would you like to send to the seller.

Please check the e-mail address carefully before submitting it.

You can send us a request anytime by sending an e-mail to us after the first request.

Working on laptop
A calculator and a pen

We’ll reply to your request by e-mail.

We’ll send you a cost estimation and additional information.

Please take a look, and check how much it will be.

Please check the spam folder if you couldn’t receive a reply from us around within 24 hours.

After the agreement for the cost estimation, we’ll send you an invoice

Please pay our invoice with your Paypal account, your credit card and other payment methods.

  • WISE (transfer wise)
  • PayPal (Credit card / your paypal account)
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum(ETH)

Are available payment methods.

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About Japanese Proxy Service

After receiving payment from you, we’ll send a message.

Please wait for our next update. We’ll contact you again after we’ve received the reply from the seller.

After we’ve received the reply, we’ll translate into English and send you an e-mail update of the Seller’s reply.

A lady unboxing a shipped box

We’ll send the e-mail about the reply of the seller in English.

Please tell us what should we do next.

We can buy the item for you, and ship it to you, or asking new question… it depends on you.

We Are Ready to send a message for you.

We'll be happy to have your request. Thank you for your interest in buying from Japan.

Our Japan messaging service has eased the process for you to easily buy from Japanese websites.
Personal shopper Japan which is one of the best Japan proxy shopping providers is ready to help you out at any time. Send us a request with the required details and we will ask any question to the seller.