How Personal Shopper Japan Works
The Best Proxy Shopping Service In Japan

Shopping from Japan has just become easier.

Personal Shopper Japan takes care of all the shopping and international shipping for you.

This page explains easy steps to buy items from Japan and receive them at your home without worrying.


Benefits of Personal Shopper Japan

We are the experts at helping people get what they like from JAPAN

Trust Personal Shopper Japan with their shopping needs in Japan

saving our customers over 240 cases of damaged items.

The personal shopper Japan is a proxy shopping service in japan. This Japanese personal shopper provides customers with the ultimate proxy shopping experience in Japan.


Easy steps to buy the item from Japan and receive it at your home.

Step 1

Please Send Us Your Request and Get the Personalized Quote

Step 2

Please Pay The Buying Cost and We'll Buy The Items For You

Step 3

Please Pay The Shipping Cost and Receive Your Package

Please send us a request with the request form.

URLs of the site, pictures, sizes, colors… any available information will be helpful.

Please check the e-mail address carefully before submitting it.

You can send us a request anytime by sending an e-mail to us after the first purchase.

Working on laptop
A calculator and a pen

We’ll reply to your request by e-mail.

We’ll send you a cost estimation and additional information.

Please take a look, and check how much it will be.

Please check the spam folder if you couldn’t receive a reply from us around within 24 hours.

After the agreement for the cost estimation, we’ll send you an invoice

Please pay our invoice with your Paypal account, your credit card and other payment methods.

  • WISE (transfer wise)
  • PayPal (Credit card / your paypal account)
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum(ETH)

Are available payment methods.

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  • Ethereum ETH
  • wise_transferwise
Online payment graphic
A shooping mall in Japan

After receiving payment from you, we’ll buy the requested items for you.

Please wait for our next update. We’ll contact you again about the shipping cost after receiving your item and repack it properly.

After we’ve received your items, we’ll repack and send you an e-mail update of the package’s weight and how much is the international shipping cost.

Please check the international shipping costs and pay the second invoice for the international shipping cost.

Shipping boxes
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  • Personal Shopper Japan logo only
A lady unboxing a shipped box

We’ll ship out your package after receive the shipping cost.

We’ll send you an e-mail update of the shipment completed and the tracking number.

You can track your package with the tracking system and receive your package fast and worry-free.

We Are Ready to Serve You.

We'll be happy to have your request. Thank you for your interest in buying from Japan.