《Amazon Limited Model》Archer AX23V, the smallest vertical Wi-Fi 6 router in the series, to be released on September 7 (Thursday)|TP Link Japan Co., Ltd. press release

The Archer AX23V is an Amazon-only vertical Wi-Fi 6 router identical to the Archer AX73V released this month. The small housing of the “smallest in the series” size (130 mm wide × 150 mm long), which is as compact as a paperback book, can be flexibly installed even in narrow shelves and spaces with limited storage space.

It supports IPv6 IPoE and Wi-Fi 6 technology and offers a total speed of 1.8Gbps (5GHz: 1201Mbps + 2.4GHz: 574Mbps). Since it is also compliant with EasyMesh, you can build mesh Wi-Fi by using it in combination with compatible devices. Although it is a minimal size, it is a highly practical model that supports a maximum of 36 connected devices.

TP-Link plans to expand its lineup of space-saving types in the future, and will develop products that meet the needs of Japan customers, including Amazon-limited models.

Archer AX23V product page: https://www.tp-link.com/jp/home-networking/wifi-router/archer-ax23v/v1/

【Product Information】

AX1800 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router “Archer AX23V”

Estimated selling price: 5,980 yen (tax included)

<Product Information>

・ Wi-Fi speed*1: 1201Mbps (5GHz, 11ax/ac/n/a, HE80) + 574Mbps (2.4GHz, 11ax/n/g/b)

• Antenna: Built-in high-performance antenna 5GHz×2, 2.4GHz×2

• Ports: 1Gbps WAN port ×1, 1Gbps LAN port ×4

・ Dimensions: 150×130×40.3mm

・ Recommended usage environment*1: 3-story detached house, 4LDK condominium, maximum number of connected spaces: 36 units

・ Product warranty: The industry’s longest class 3-year warranty

<Product Specs>

・ Wi-Fi 6 technology*1: Up to 1.8Gbps total speeds for streaming and online gaming

・ IPv6 IPoE (IPv4 over IPv6) support*2: Compatible with v6 Plus, OCN Virtual Connect, and DS-Lite

・ Smart Connect: Unifies SSIDs and automatically allocates connection bandwidth by the router

• Airtime Fairness: Improves network efficiency by limiting excessive bandwidth occupancy

・ Beamforming: Sends a directional Wi-Fi signal to the terminal to make the connection stronger

・ Security: Supports the latest security standard WPA3*3

・ EasyMesh compliant*4: Meshing is achieved by linking with network devices compatible with EasyMesh technology

・ Amazon Alexa support: Voice control is possible by linking to Alexa

・ Space-saving: Flexible installation for vertical and wall-mounted

*1: The maximum wireless signal rate is a physical speed derived from the specifications of the IEEE 802.11 standard. Speed and coverage specifications are based on test results under typical usage conditions. Actual wireless data throughput, wireless coverage and maximum number of connected devices are affected by 1) environmental factors such as building materials and physical obstacles, 2) the amount and density of interference traffic from the neighborhood, the location of the product, network complexity, network overhead, and the client’s limitations, such as 3) rated performance, location, connection quality, client conditions, etc. It is not guaranteed. To use Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), the client terminal must also support them.

*2: To use IPv6 IPoE, it is necessary to contract and use a line that supports IPv6 IPoE. There are various types of IPv6 IPoE, such as v6 Plus, OCN Virtual Connect, and DS-Lite. Please check the type of IPv6 IPoE service provided by your contracted provider in advance. IPv6 PPPoE is not supported.

*3: To use WPA3, the client terminal must also support WPA3.

*4: TP-Link’s EasyMesh-compatible devices can be combined with devices that comply with the EasyMesh standard to form a mesh network. In theory, it is possible to connect with fully compatible devices, but we cannot guarantee connection with devices made by other companies.

[Features of “Archer AX23V”]

■ Smallest paperback book size in the series

The Archer AX23V is one of the smallest TP-Link routers. It is a highly convenient unit that offers Wi-Fi 6 connectivity with a total of 1.8 Gbps while being as compact as a paperback book (130 mm wide × 150 mm long).

From left to right: Archer AX73V, Archer AX3000, Archer AX23VFrom left to right: Archer AX73V, Archer AX3000, Archer AX23V

Reference: Size comparison with paperback booksReference: Size comparison with paperback books

■ Comfortable Wi-Fi connection with IPv6 IPoE × Wi-Fi 6

The Archer AX23V provides a comfortable Internet connection via IPv6 IPoE and high-speed data communication with Wi-Fi 6 technology, delivering a total speed of 1.8Gbps (1201Mbps + 574Mbps). In addition, beamforming technology delivers Wi-Fi signals over a long distance, making it possible to cover a wide area with a built-in antenna.

* About Wi-Fi 6: https://www.tp-link.com/jp/wifi6/

■ Compatible with EasyMesh

Since the Archer AX23V is compatible with EasyMesh, it can be combined with EasyMesh-compatible repeaters to build a mesh Wi-Fi network.

※About EasyMesh: https://www.tp-link.com/jp/easymesh/

■ Amazon’s limited model “Archer AX73V” is also on sale!

Located in the mid- to high-end class of the longitudinal model series × built-in antenna, the “Archer AX73V” is the same Amazon exclusive model as the “Archer AX23V”. It is popular as a high-cost router that has various specifications but realizes a price in the 12,000 yen range.

The series, which was born in response to the voices of Japan users, has been well received by more people than it was released, and we plan to expand the lineup in the future.

Archer AX73V:https://www.tp-link.com/jp/home-networking/wifi-router/archer-ax73v/v1/

[World’s No.1 share! ]TP-Link of high-quality wireless LAN router]

TP-Link is the world’s No. 1 provider of network products to more than 1.2 billion end users in more than 170 countries. In addition, in 2023, we were named the world’s No. 1 wireless LAN equipment provider for 12 consecutive years. *1 Currently, we have 44 local subsidiaries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

*1: According to IDC research in Q1 2023

Thanks to its thorough research and development, efficient production system and strict quality control, TP-Link has won many awards in the field of networking products. In addition, we have acquired the technical conformity mark of each country*2, and provide high-performance products that can be used with peace of mind.

*2: TELEC, CE, FCC certified, RoHS directive compliant

【Company Profile】

Company name: TP-Link Japan Inc. (English: TP-LINK JAPAN INC.)

Location: 3-12-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Fudosan Akihabara Building 9F
Corporate Website: https://www.tp-link.com/

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