Buy Terea iQOS Heets Stick | IQOS ILUMA Heatsticks from Japan

iQos Terea heat sticks : 15 flavors available (6th September 2022)

iQos Terea heatsticks all flavors
  • TEREA Regular
  • TEREA Rich Regular
  • TEREA Smooth Regular
  • TEREA Balanced Regular
  • TEREA Ruby Regular
  • TEREA Black Menthol
  • TEREA Menthol
  • TEREA Mint
  • TEREA Black Pearl Menthol
  • TEREA Purple Menthol
  • TEREA Fusion Menthol
  • TEREA Black Yellow Menthol
  • TEREA Yellow Menthol
  • TEREA Tropical Menthol
  • TEREA Bright Menthol

Buy iQos ILUMA iruma heets sticks from Japan through personal shopper Japan. Select from 15 original TEREA telea flavors of TEREA heatstick in Japan.

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