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No Proxy? No problem.

We can buy from the seller who blocks the proxy buying service such as buyee most of the case.

Personal Shopper Japan make it easy for you to buy anything from Japan with Your Credit Cards.

Buy from any store in Japan,
place a bid on any auction in Japan and buy from mercari C2C marketplace.

Always Human, 9 years so far. NO proxy bots.

Our luxury items handling expertise ensures a prestigious, worry-free shopping experience with top-notch protection for your valuables, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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Shopping from Japanese websites
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Personal Shopper Japan takes care of
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Easy steps to buy the item from Japan and receive it at your home

Step 1

Please Send Us Your Request and Get the Personalized Quote

Step 2

Please Pay The Buying Cost and We'll Buy The Items For You

Step 3

Please Pay The Shipping Cost and Receive Your Package

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You can buy all popular brands in Japan through our service

Personal Shopper Japan provides customers with high quality Japanese products with the best quality and standards. All shipping activities at personal shopper Japan happens under professional handling.


Benefits of Personal Shopper Japan

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’ll refund all costs in case of sold out.

Our experienced repacking service

Our experienced repacking service will protect your items during international shipping.

Second-Hand Dealer License

Our basic item check saved many of our customers. 

You can check our government certification here

The License Certification Online

Public Safety Commission Dealers List Page

Licence No. : 62107R021257, Site domain:

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We are the experts at helping people get what they like from JAPAN

Why Personal Shopper Japan is The Best Service?

PERSONAL SHOPPER JAPAN over 7 years of experience in





You can Rest Assured

Your goods will arrive safely at your doorstep wtih our service.



Well Established Organization

All Japanese staff, and all exclusively assigned to Personal Shopper Japan operation

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Ninja J

Reliable and Speedy Customer Service

Our character Ninja J represents Reliable and Lightning speed service.

Experienced Repacking

Quality Packaging for Safe Delivery

We repack items well to ensure they are protected from being damaged while in international shipping.

Agile Service

Personalized Service

Flexible and customizable service upon request to meet individual needs.

Quick customer support with a lot of experience.