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Watch Story: Reset

Embark on an adventure to get the hope of tomorrow!

SUMMERFUN has started distributing a new smartphone game app “Clock Story: Reset”.


This is an idle RPG where players go on an adventure to collect “pieces of time” scattered around the world.
It is also equipped with a double speed & skip function and a standby function, and a system that allows you to play in the gap time is prepared.

You can experience a wide variety of sub-contents such as fishing, cooking, rabbit hunting, fashion shows, choosing destiny, fortune telling, etc., as well as marriage and childcare with like-minded friends in the marriage system.
In addition, it is possible to marry not only the opposite sex but also the same sex.
PvP and PvE elements such as “Goddess Guard Battle” and “Resource Battle” are also available.
With a variety of replay content, you can play at your own pace.

“Clock Story: Reset” is an idle adventure RPG that collects “pieces of time”.
Let’s collect the “pieces of time” scattered around the world together!

▼[Super luxurious prize gift campaign]
Just log in and enjoy 100 gacha for free!
If you pre-register, you will get the Japan limited edition beast “Sakaban Baspis”!
In addition, one person will receive an “iPhone 15 Pro Max” and 5,000 QUO cards totaling 500,000 yen or more by lottery!

▼Welcome to the world of[Watch Story: Reset]!
This is a world where the gods who control time exist.
While staying close to the “Book of Time”, which is the origin of all things,
All life was peaceful.
However, the happy time came to an abrupt end one day.

Forget that the stars and seasons change,
Everything stopped moving as ordered by someone.
I hear someone’s voice in the distance.
“The Book of Times has been torn apart by the wicked.
Collect the debris scattered around the world and repair it.”

The four gods who govern time, in order to revive all things,
Follow the mysterious lead and embark on a journey to find fragments of the Book of Time.

Even if the “past” is lost,
The hope of “tomorrow” still remains “now”:

▼【Super Easy Idle Game】
Even beginners can enjoy exhilarating battles with easy operation!
Equipped with a “idle function” that allows you to enjoy the game at your own pace!
For those of you who are busy, the double speed & skip function!
The biggest attraction is that you can play quickly in your spare time!

▼【Attractive Characters】
・ “Akatsuki” – The god who controls the four seasons. He has a compassionate and gentle personality, laughing when he sees flowers blooming and crying when he sees them fall. There is also a side that is easy to empathize with.
・ “Mahiru” – The god who presides over the day. He has a cheerful and refreshing personality and has clear likes and dislikes. The little hourglass that he always turns over is said to be a treasure given to him by a loved one.
・ “Dusk” – The god who presides over the time limit. Born from the gears of a clock, she retained the appearance of a cute girl from a young age, but one day she suddenly changed into a cool older sister. The cause is unknown.
・ “Amamitsutsuki” – The god who rules the stars. Born from stars, he prefers to gain knowledge about celestial bodies and is not good at bustling places. He is silent but has a gentle side.

▼【Rich mini-game system】
Daily fortune telling, treasure chest hunting, character shows, and other mini-games are packed!
With the “Cooking” system, you can not only restore health, but also cook dishes with buffs to improve your stats!
Find your favorite mini-games and have fun!

▼【Great Adventure with Mofumov】
Together with your reliable pet “Mofumov”, set off on an easy adventure!
Let’s ♪ go on an adventure with cute fluffy, defeat monsters, and grow together

◆ Official Website: https://sfgame.talesoftimepiece.com
◆Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/TKMG_RESET
◆Inquiry: support@summerfungames.com

The following is a quote from the press release:

Official release on 10/17! Idle adventure RPG “Clock Story: Reset”

Even if the “past” is about to be lost, the “hope” of “tomorrow” still remains in the “now” – collect the “pieces of time” and grasp tomorrow! Summerfun Co.Limited will officially release the new RPG “Watch Story: Reset” on 10/17 (Tuesday)!


The most popular thing this time was the PV and theme song! The PV perfectly expresses the game’s fantastic world view and innovative gameplay. You can get a glimpse of beautiful fields that players can explore, a wide variety of characters, and epic battle scenes, and the visual beauty and dynamic action scenes are sure to tickle the adventurous spirit of many players!

 [embedded content]

In addition, the game’s theme music has a moving melody and lyrics that further enrich the game’s worldview. Friendship and hope The keywords of this work are expressed perfectly!
Theme Music Video

[embedded content]

It combines a fantastic world with haunting melodies that take players into an unknown adventure. If you haven’t checked it out yet, check it out! A new adventure awaits you in “Clock Story: Reset”!

Release Celebration Campaign!

Extra large commemorative campaign held!
If you participate in the release commemorative campaign, you will be selected by lottery to receive a large gift including IPHONE15!

A luxurious gift campaign is underway!!

#最新型iPhone15Pro Max X 1 person
#QUOカード 20,000 yen x 5 people

DM notification to winners
Deadline: 10/24 (Tue)
▼How to apply
Follow 1.@TKMG_RESET
2. RT this tweet

If the number of RTs reaches 20,000, you will receive an additional QUO card!

sub3Pre-registration reached 500,000 people! Popular ancient fish “Sakaban Baspis” present!

The thank you for preparing for you can also be found in the game!
Last month’s pre-registration campaign successfully reached 500,000 people! Thank you all! To commemorate this achievement, all players will receive luxurious rewards, including the Japan limited edition beast “Sakaban Baspis”!
And that’s not all. If you follow &RT the official Twitter @TKMG_RESET, you will also receive a large number of Amazon gift certificates by lottery! Don’t forget to follow us!

sub37 consecutive days login rewards! Get up to 100 free costume skins

In addition to pre-registration rewards, we have also prepared super luxurious login rewards!
If you log in for 7 days now, you can earn SR Access Kin, Footprints, Magic Circle, Seibu, etc.! Let’s make a spectacular start dash with this login bonus!

sub4 * Links in the article may contain affiliate tags. Watch Story: Latest Articles on ResetClock Story: Reset

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