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Buy iQOS heat sticks 2018 / iQOS Devices from Japan 2018

from October 1st, 2018,

The government changed the price of heatsticks (more expensive)

Our price will remain the same till the end of September,

but from October, we have to change the price.

7 flavors available now. (the form is only for 4 basic flavors, so please send us a message when you’d like to order new flavors)

Regular flavor (Blue)
Balanced Regular flavor (light Blue)
Menthol flavor (Green)
Mint flavor (light Green)
Purple menthol flavor (Purple)
Smooth regular flavor (Silver)
Yellow menthol flavor (Yellow)

Limited offer will be in effect only while the campaign supplies last.

Send us a request through the iQos form below,

Enter coupon CODE, and get the present now!

iQos is now very popular in Japan, and we’ve got many requests from all over the world, mainly from the USA, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore.

We can buy iQos device (iQos holder, Electronic cigarette holder, iQos Kit, iqos set) / iQos heat sticks (iqos heatsticks, refill, Electronic cigarette refills, tobacco) in Japan and ship to you.
Especially, heat sticks are the cheapest in Japan now because government tax for tobaccos (and also heat sticks) are the lowest in the world.
There’re 4 flavors available now (all Marlboro). We can buy per carton (10 packs inside, one pack containing 20 heat sticks) and ship to you.
It’s really new style of smoking, and less Sidestream smoke, but it keeps tobacco taste.
Most smokers in the urban area changed to iqos, because its taste is similar to actual tobacco.
iQos devices are now difficult to buy normally in Japan because of the popular wave, but we can buy for you from the auction market.
Newest iQos Set version = 2.4 PLUS version (Released on 3rd March 2017)

iQos device (set / kit) (2 colors available)

Navy color iQos device and White color iQos device are available.
Newest device version = 2017 FEB version, and
YES, you can buy the NEW version with our service (watch out… we know there’s the seller who’s selling the OLD version to you..)
  1. Improved battery performance
  2. Reduced failure rate
  3. The better heating system and improved flavor output
  4. improved other things based on the old version device’s customer feedback.

iQos heatsticks (4 flavors available)

Regular flavor (Blue)
Balanced Regular flavor (light Blue)
Mint flavor (light Green)
Menthol flavor (Green)

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