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Dyson continues to release hit items in hair care. Among them, try the secret of the popularity of the hair dryer “Dyson Supersonic Shine Hair Dryer”, which is a hot topic as a Japan limited model!

What I tried this time……

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In charge of beauty and fashion. Hair types include hirsutism, bristles, and curly hair. When I go to the salon to dry my hair, I am always told, “It’s hard to dry because there is a lot of hair.” Quick drying is a must when choosing a dryer.

What is the Dyson Supersonic Shine Hair Dryer?

Dyson’s dryer dries quickly with a powerful wind, and prevents hair damage and overdrying due to excessive heat because it shortens the time it takes to apply heat to the hair. Dyson’s unique “Digital Motor V9” provides a powerful wind of up to 13 liters per second! In addition, the function of controlling the air temperature prevents hair damage due to the high-temperature wind from the dryer and the color fading of the hair color.

Glossy and floating hair suppression are realized!

Main unit and attachments

One of the features of this dryer is the luxury of the attachment. As you can see in the photo above, there are a total of three attachments, and you can use it in four ways, from drying to finishing, depending on the hair you want to have and the situation! Introducing each of them!

1. Newly developed brushed attachment! “Glossy tool”

Glossing tool

This tool is a newly developed brushed attachment for the Dyson Supersonic™ series. The power of the wind makes your hair smooth and shiny with little floating hair or waviness. There are also two modes that can be used with this attachment (explained below!). )。 If you use different modes according to your purpose, you can ♡ achieve styling with a single dryer

“Smooth brush mode” approaches waviness problems!

Smooth Brush Mode

A mode that suppresses undulation while pulling hair to the surface of the brush by the power of the wind. Blow your still slightly damp hair with the smooth brush mode for a shiny and smooth finish.

“Floating hair suppression mode” suppresses floating hair and makes it shiny

Floating Hair Suppression Mode

A surprising mode that pulls long hair toward you with the power of the wind while hiding floating hair inside the hair. If you apply it from the roots to the tips of the hair, it will give a moist impression*1.
*1 When using the floating hair suppression mode on dry straight hair.

2. “Low temperature tool” that is gentle on the scalp

Bass tool

This “low-temperature tool” is what you want to use when drying fine hair and delicate scalp. When you wear this, the air temperature drops by up to 20 ° C, so you can gently dry your hair and scalp. On the other hand, the air volume is increased from 2.4 ㎥/min → 3.0 ㎥/min, so you can dry quickly with a gentle but powerful wind*2.
*2 Comparison with and without the installation of a low-temperature tool with the air volume and air temperature of this product set to the maximum. The effect may vary depending on the situation of the place of use and how it is used.

3. “Smooth tool” with a silky touch

Smooth tool image

Here is an epoch-making attachment that dries while aligning with a smooth and uniform wind speed. Just put this on and let it dry, and it will …… like silk on your fingers! It is also recommended to use it for pinpoint styling such as bangs and hair tips.

Glossy hair & gentle and quick-drying, the best of all!


Thanks to the “Intelligent Heat Control” designed to keep the temperature constant without continuously rising, and the quick-drying properties, it prevents you from overdrying your hair, so you can dry it while protecting the moisture content of your hair.

Please try this hair dryer that can achieve glossy hair and styling with this one.

Dyson Supersonic Shine Hair Dryer ¥ 48800 (Prices are according to the editorial department) / Dyson

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