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Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore’s “Edaiiro Ink” is an original product of the store that expresses the various cultures that blossomed during the Edo period with ink. In the first phase, we are developing products based on the concepts of colors familiar to many people during the Edo period, the second phase is kabuki, the third phase is the traditional Japan auspicious pattern, the fourth phase is the Japanese sweets color of Edo, and the fifth phase is the color of Rinpa. In the sixth installment, we unraveled the food culture of Jiang from the food depicted in ukiyo-e prints.

* For the stock of the 1st to 5th products, please contact the store.

Speaking of Edo’s food, there may be an image that is the subject of rakugo or symbolizes Eji. The three colors that were born this time are the cute “white jade color with red ink” with a silver base lameok, the “soba color” that has a taste in a calm way, and the “color of Japanese sake” that mixes yellow and green. Everything is a playful ink created with a color scheme in mind to make it look delicious. Following the 4th and 5th installments, we are collaborating with TAG STATIONERY, a stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturer in Kyoto.


TAG STATIONERY is a stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturer born in Kyoto.
Based on the concept of simple inspiration born from “handwriting” hands, we develop products based on Kyoto’s traditional culture and local industries.

Introduction of each color

White jade color with red (dye ink with lame)

It is an ink with a soft and warm red color with fine silver glitter. In the town of Jiang, about half of the rolled white balls like red and white rice cakes are dyed red, and they can enjoy their gorgeous appearance and eat white balls as a luxurious snack that makes them feel cool in summer. The lame contained in the white jade ink with red is one color that makes you feel cool. Water-based ink is used as the material, so you can enjoy different nuances of color depending on the paper quality.

Use: Pen 

* Since brush dye ink dissolves in water, it can be used for various expressions such as “blurring” or thinly stretching colors with a water brush after writing with ink. Since it is an ink with glitter, please be careful with the writing utensils you use.

Buckwheat color (mixed ink of fine pigments and dyes)

A slightly reddish color with a warm mouse base. At the beginning of writing, the purple color is strong, and when it dries, it changes to a slightly duller color. A mixture of fine pigments and dyes is used as the material.

Use: Fountain pen / pen 

* When wet, the dye oozes out and the pigment remains on the paper. It is a characteristic ink that utilizes the blurring that is characteristic of dyes and takes advantage of the gradation of shades. Since brush dye ink dissolves in water, it can be used for various expressions such as “blurring” or thinly stretching colors with a water brush after writing with ink.

Color of Japanese sake (dye ink)

It is a bright yellow with a faint hint of green. Water-based ink is used as the material, and the color changes depending on the quality of the paper and the shade of the ink, as well as in the drying process.

Use: Fountain pen / pen

* Since brush dye ink dissolves in water, it can be used for various expressions such as “blurring” or thinly stretching colors with a water brush after writing with ink.

Product Details

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore Limited “Ejiiro Ink Vol. 6 (The Color of Food)”

Release Date|September 1 (Fri)

Types|3 types in total

“White jade color with red touch” 2,530 yen (tax included)

“Soba color” 2,530 yen (tax included)

“Color of Japanese sake” 2,200 yen (tax included)


About sales

It will be on sale from 10:30 on Friday, September 1 at Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore and online store.

Feature Page|https://store.tsite.jp/ginza/blog/stationery/35587-1059050830.html

Proposing writing instruments and objects as art piecesBeautiful writing instruments and objects collected from all over the world, We are pursuing the creation of a sales floor that conveys the wonderful manufacturing of Japan. In particular, while inheriting traditional techniques, we incorporate modern design and focus on craftsmen who are taking on new challenges. We also have many products limited to Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore, so please stop by to find souvenirs in Tokyo Ginza.

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore

Through books, we connect art, Japan culture, and daily life, and propose a “life with art.”

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CCC Art Lab

CCC Art Lab is a planning group that proposes “life with art” within Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd., a planning company. Through our proposal of “Life with Art,” we would like to make art more accessible, make someone’s life happier, and contribute to creating a better society. Based on the knowledge we have cultivated through many years of practical experience, such as store planning, art media, product development, and event production, we will propose plans with an approach that only we can do.

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