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United Kingdom

100 Stars, Beyond Expectations

Date: August 29, 2019


Personal Shopper Japan proxy shopping service review title

  • 100 Stars, Beyond Expectations


Where are you from, and what’s your name?

  • Malaysia, Sam T


What did you buy from Japan through our personal shopping service?

  • Concert Lottery Ticket


Please tell us about your experience with personal shopper service

  • Dear Ninja J and Team,
    I wanted to give 100 stars rating; but I am limited to 5 (笑)so, I will gather the other 95 stars from my friends to use your service (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
    Once again I want to stand my ground strongly and bow deeply for you and your team’s effort. Like my first review previously, Ninja J is beyond expectations and… I don’t know what else to say, they are simply perfect.
    Ninja J followed up to my initial request regarding my concert lottery ticket; they have even included an image of the ticket prior shipping.
    When the parcel arrived, I find myself a “Thank You” note attached together with my concert ticket; I nearly broke down crying reading the Thank You note.
    Thank you very much Ninja J & Team!
    (●`・ω・)ゞ「Fear not, for PSJ is here」


From Personal Shopper Japan

  • Thank you for using our service and feedback !
    100 stars ! oh, that’s too many.

    We’re happy with your experience, and thank you very much for recommendation.
    Also, Thank you very much for your artwork, it’s really an honor.

    Hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Japan !

    Thank you very much,
    Ninja J


Customer Reviews


This is my 3rd time using PersonalShopperJapan and I love …

tuning parts

super service!!!really easy and super fast!!!
the next order coming …

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