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Aston Martin Japan announced the DBX707 Japan Midnight Podium Edition, which will be produced in 11 units limited to Japan at the end of 2023. To commemorate this, a “midnight event” was held at the House of Aston Martin Aoyama on May 10, 2024, and the actual car was unveiled.

A glamorous event with DJs and special guestsImage: The DBX707 Japan Midnight Podium Edition on display at the House of Aston Martin Aoyama.

The DBX707 Japan Midnight Podium Edition on display at the House of Aston Martin Aoyama.

Limited to 11 units in Japan Japan, the “Midnight” in the DBX707 Japan Midnight Podium Edition is named after the Japan’s car culture, such as midnight urban highway drives and car club gatherings.

It is curated by Aston Martin’s luxury bespoke service, Q by Aston Martin. A “Q by Aston Martin” sill plaque is attached to the testament to this, underlining the exclusivity of this memorable edition.

The unique color and trim palette further enhances the DBX707’s road presence and highlights its intense performance. The sculptural carbon body kit, painted in exclusive Satin Oberon Black, is further enhanced by lime accents, reminiscent of the AMR23 F1 car and the official medical car of the F1 Grand Prix.

Image: Special guests such as Mayumi Sada (left) and Awich (right) also attended.

Special guests such as Mayumi Sada (left) and Awich (right) were also in attendance.

This time, the event was held at midnight to commemorate the unveiling of this limited edition car, and the floor was filled with DJ MURO, U-Lee, nasthug, and other DJs who are leading the club scene. In addition, special guests such as Makiko Takizawa, Mayumi Sada, Shuzo Ohira, Awich and JP THE WAVY, who are expanding their activities not only in Japan but also around the world, visited the venue, and the venue was very excited.

Aston Martin also teamed up with Awich to collaborate at an event held last month in Los Mr./Ms. Zels, USA. In the future, he will continue to pursue performance without compromise, carving out his own era, and plans to collaborate further as a union that resonates aesthetics with works that passionately shake the five senses.

Deliveries of the DBX707 Japan Midnight Podium Edition are scheduled to begin in late May 2024.

Image: Exclusive satin Oberon It is fitted with a sculptural carbon body kit painted black.

It is equipped with a sculptural carbon body kit painted in special Satin Oberon Black.

Aston Martin DBX707 (base vehicle) Specifications

-Length× width×height: 5039×1998×1680mm.
– Wheelbase: 3060mm
– Vehicle weight: 2245kg
-Engine: V8 DOHC twin turbo
-Total displacement: 3982cc
-Maximum output: 520kW (707ps) / 6000rpm
-Maximum torque: 900Nm (91.8kgm) / 2600-4500rpm
-Transmission: 9-speed AT
-Drive system: Front longitudinal 4WD
– Fuel / tank capacity: Premium / 85L
-WLTP mode fuel economy: 7.0km/L
– Tire size: front 285 / 40R22, rear 325 / 35R22

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