Milan official watches will be on sale for a limited time of two weeks from May 29! – SOCCER KING

Scandinavian Danish watch brand About Vintage will once again sell official AC Milan watches this year. AC Milan won the Italian football league Serie A for the 19th time last year and is still struggling in the UEFA CL (Champions League), and is a famous football club with many strong players and a number of excellent results.

All three models released at the same time use colors that represent AC Milan’s team colours of Rossonero (red and black). Each watch has a lot of football and AC Milan-related designs, but it has a simple finish typical of Scandinavian design, making it suitable for formal business occasions.

Cover back with real uniform

The back of all three watches has an authentic AC Milan shirt embedded in them. It’s a chance to make sure some of the AC Milan shirt worn by the players is yours.

1899 Rossonero GMT Price: 46,800 yen

By using the hour hand (GMT hand) with a triangular arrow, the time of two countries with a time difference can be checked simultaneously and instantly. For example, why not adjust the normal hour hand to Japan time and the GMT hand to the local time when AC Milan are playing a match so that you can acquire an international sensibility on a regular basis? The design is suitable for business, but it is also highly waterproof, making it suitable for a sporty and active lifestyle and fashion.

1899 Rossonero Chronograph Price: 46,800 yen

A chronograph with a pulse meter (simple pulse rule) often used in nurse watches. This pulse meter function is a rare function that has appeared for the first time in the history of About Vintage. To use it, press the start button when the pulse measurement starts, and press the stop button when the pulse is measured 30 times. By reading the pulse scale pointed by the second hand that stopped at that time, the pulse can be measured. It’s a watch you want to watch with the thrilling moment of the game. In addition to measuring the pulse, the added time of 45 minutes after the start of the match can be measured in red on the left sub-function. One of the attractions is that the combination of the square shape of the start-stop button and the round dragon head is a classic design that gives a vintage feeling.

1899 Rossonero Kids Price: 35.600 yen

It is a kids’ watch that uses the same materials used by real first-class watches, such as high durability and waterproofness that are comparable to adults’ faces. It is the perfect watch to support AC Milan, which has been running for more than 120 years across generations. The bezel is colored to indicate the additional time after 45 minutes of a soccer match. The belt is made of Velcro tape, so even children can easily attach and remove it.

Long-lasting high quality and design adaptable to various TPOs.
Despite its affordable price, the About Vintage is built to be resistant enough to last for many years, thanks to the use of 316L surged stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass, and carefully selected movements made of Swiss and Japan, the same materials that make luxury watches. Many successful players such as Olivier Giroud and Danish player Simon Kjær will also be models that will be used in the future.

AC Milan official watches will go on sale simultaneously worldwide on Monday, May 29 at 7 p.m. Japan hours on the About Vintage official website. It will be on sale for a limited time until Sunday, June 11. Since it is a made-to-order model, it will be a rare model that cannot be obtained after the sales period. The product is scheduled to be shipped at the end of September. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Sales period: Monday, May 29, Japan time, 7 p.m. – Tuesday, June 11
Price (all tax included, shipping and customs duties included) from the left
・GMT Watch 46,800 yen
・Chronograph 46,800 yen
・Kids Watch 35.600 yen

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