What is the comfort of writing over 7 million? Montblanc Limited Edition Fountain Pen – GOETHE

It’s not just about being expensive. There’s a good reason why it’s called superlative. Goethe’s choice of the best of the best, the finest collection. This time it’s a Montblanc fountain pen.[Special Feature: Superlative Principle 2024]

Montblanc fountain penThe two on the left and right are limited editions that pay homage to the journey of the Orient Express. In the center is a limited edition inspired by the first ascent of Mont Blanc Peak. On the right is a metal luggage rack, on the left is a steam locomotive mechanism, and in the center is a glacier motif on Mont Blanc Peak. From the right: ¥4,049,100, ¥4,049,100, ¥7,803,400 (Montblanc)

The value of handwritten words is proportional to the tools used to write

The exchange of words via computers and smartphones has become a daily routine, and modern people are getting farther and farther away from the act of writing letters using their own hands with each passing day. There is no doubt that the resulting sense of speed and convenience is beneficial, but the fewer opportunities there are for handwriting, the more meaningful and valuable the act itself becomes.

When the act of writing is purified to that extent, what do people use to write letters? I feel like it’s a waste to choose a disposable ballpoint pen that can be found anywhere. Depending on what kind of pen you hold, the weight and depth of your words may change.

Readers who love Montblanc fountain pens will be able to relate to this romanticism. Just by running the tip of the pen over the paper, you get that feeling that makes your heart race.

Once you’ve got your hands on a top-of-the-line fountain pen in the form of a limited edition of Montblanc, it’s a good idea to write down your enthusiasm for the coming year.

Montblanc Customer Support TEL: 0800-333-0102

[Special Feature: Superlative Principle 2024]

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