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Konstantin Chaykin has announced the Japan limited edition model “NINJA”. Limited to 5 pieces worldwide. It is handled at Nisshindo Ginza Main Store Konstantin Chaikin Salon.

Japan limited model NINJA

Konstantin Chaykin

The most important thing this time was the ninja mask used for the face design. The sapphire glass is printed with a special mesh. In addition, the eyes are designed with shurikens, makibishi, and Japan swords. The eyeballs rotate depending on the time of day, and time is represented by shuriken and makibishi. The collection is characterized by the fact that it is a so-called regulator clock that displays the hours and minutes with anthropomorphic eye movements. The eyes of the time display have a big impact on this model as well.

Japan limited model NINJA

Face Design

The case is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the back pig is engraved with Koraiya, the prototype of the ninja.

Ninja’s kimono-style leather belts are said to be made by hand by craftsmen. Using black, red, and orange colors, the texture and seams of the kimono are reproduced.

【Image】See the back pig engraved with the prototype of the ninja “Koraiya”

In addition, a Japan sword-shaped pushpin made of 925 silver is included. I would also like to pay attention to it.

Japan limited model NINJA

925 silver pushpin imitating a Japan sword

Nisshindo Ginza Main Store Konstantin Chaikin Salon

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【Image】See the back pig engraved with the prototype of the ninja “Koraiya”

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